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January 01, 2009


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Okay, you've completely blown my mind with this poem. (This is a compliment.)

The video makes me a little dizzy, but it's a good way to get dry after a bath. Maybe I'll try it next time.

thank you laura! some time ago a friend and i spent several months writing a play about samuel johnson, who was employed as a kind of "ghostbuster" during a supposed haunting in london. there was an occasion when johnson got to "ride fast with pretty girls" in a carriage, much to his delight. also, he owned a cat, whose name i can't remember right now.

Mitch, write without ceasing. Your poetry ois in
a mad Renaissance. Don't stop, whatever you do. Oner might say that you and Aaropn
Fogel are now the best neglected poets
in America. But the word "negl;ected" rankled KK
at the end. What would the real deserts me or de3sserts
for good poetry. Hope, ifninite hope--
but not for us. I hope I too am relatrively
neglectedm but that sounds like whining here. From me to you it's praise.

Johnson's cat was named Hobbes. I understand Johnson was pretty smelly on a personal hygiene level, so I feel sorry for the pretty girls in the carriage.

Bravo, Mitch. "Nothing strange lasts": shades of Yeats, and then the explosive turn with "Meanwhile." The idea that "a chaise or two-wheeled calash" can coexist with "the real art of fucking" in a stanza that ends with "Nevermore" is pretty wonderful. And of course what you say is true about onomastic determinism -- beguiling though the concept remains -- and the greatness of the neglected.

i really appreciate these comments on this work! even -- or perhaps especially -- the expressed "reservations" are so valuable. about the word *neglected,* for example, i was not certain myself. i considered *forgotten,* but it isn't really forgotten. anyway, failed again! is this not what david s's father used to say after a day of playing music, swimming laps, etc. -- i recall david s. telling me this many years ago but cannot remember the exact date. words of wisdom in any case! alas, for the daunting new year i had hoped to come up with something along the lines of kipling's recessional and wound up writing about fucking.(sob) but now...onward! "man muss immer weiter gehen." "push off and, sitting well in order, smite the sounding furrows, for my purpose holds to seek a newer world." and one last thing. though i cannot speak for fogel, i do not feel neglected. surely socrates did not feel neglected when the man approached him to ask where he might find a philosopher, so let us emulate Socrates. "i'm famous. i know who i am," as a wise man once said.

Gush I love that terrifying existential moment at the end of this video when the young cat looks up and realizes he has wasted his life.

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ten hours later
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as I enter
in the dark

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