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February 24, 2009


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I love "it is sly ownership," to say nothing of "has verbs in its pocket" (one can well imagine which!) but am less sure about the last line, John.

I am also not sure about it. I've fumbled around with it I think mostly cuz it has some sort of ending weight, but I don't think that is necessary. Will play with it more, thanks much for your comments.

I actually like the last line. When the loss is gone, what is there? I can see removing the "only" though.

I hope this keeps some of the last line's closural heft and gets rid of its over-enunciation and -reaching.

Thank you Susan and Stacey for superb guidance. Dunno I've ever had such smart and quick help on a piece!

Some line breaks seem necessary, but at the moment, I'm just glad, Susan, you've lead me to a final line I like.

Loss lost its appetite? Getting closer, I think.

loss has no appetite is perfect for this reader.

just read this poem out loud to a student in office hours - without having read it at all. moved us both deeply, caught us both by surprise - rare moment of intimacy in the office, like being licked by a cat...


you make it all worth it.



thanks for help with the "only," it was key to really revising the thing.


Yes, your version is best!

Glad to help John. I like the revisions. I'm curious about the title of this post though. Is the poem going to be part of a Jennie Holzer installation? If yes, when?

Hi there,

no, but if I wish hard enough.. the title was meant to suggest the poem's owed debt to a timing and kind of statement Holzer is so great with. To acknowledge the debt, but now that I think about it, it may be far too misleading to be useful as a title.

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