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April 04, 2010


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Ah Terence, Easter, The Rising, Yeats and the rest. The peace in the North is not yet complete though it's been over ten years since George Mitchell brokered the Good Friday Agreement. But who'd have thought we'd see the day that Martin McGuinness and Ian Paisley would sit together for a photograph? When the North is no longer separate Ireland will be whole. Until then it is relatively peaceful this Easter. That's something of a resurrection. Is it not? M. O'K.

Uptherepublic! and good on ye Terence for this fine remembrance and celebration.
Bill Nevins

"The Streets of Belfast" was always a favorite of mine. Did you write that for a Joe Doherty benefit concert? Keep the faith Cuz!



Thanks, Mary.  I actually wrote the song for a Noraid fundraiser in the late '60s and added more verses over the years.

Thanks for the picture and a chance to read the Yeats poem again. Love your history and the story of your evening with Patrick Galvin. I myself spent Easter morning eating a breakfast composed almost entirely of chocolate and enjoying our gorgeous weather.


Excellent piece if I do say so myself.
The proximity of the Easter Rising anniversary to St Patrick's day sometimes makes us forget this important turning point in Irish history and the great sacrifices that so many brave men and women made for Irish freedom.
Nár lagaí Dia do lamh.

Brother J.

Thanks for this. A day that starts with Yeats is a good day. And the info that follows the poem is very useful (love the photos). On a more specific level, Terry, there's always a bottle of the Jameson at my house for you to share if I can inveigle you to come and read from your book(s) for my grad student poets.

Slainte and sin e,

Your nephew Jesse introduced me to your site about Easter 1916, with Yeats' poem, Paddy singing the John Connolly song and the other material. I love it! This semester I am Study Group Leader at the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement, for a course on Yeats' poetry and plays. This information from you is very timely although we studied the 1916 uprising and discussed the poem some weeks ago. I love the songs!

Ah one day Ireland will be united as one country but maybe not in my lifetime. What has been accomplished since 1998 is amazing and the last two months of negotiation and the reaching of goals is awesome!

Thank you.

I forgot to sign the message:

from Trish

Thanks for the comment, and please say hello to my nephew for me.

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