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April 11, 2011


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I would like to speak for the many who do not share the sentiment, “Doug is awesome.” There is a recovery group/book club for those suffering from post-traumatic-toxic-contact-with-Doug-Lang (PTTCwDL), as well as the popular, loose association known as “Doug is awful,” and the splinter group, “Doug is kind of OK.” The book club is currently reading The Collected Works of William McGonagall and The Collected Novels
Of Ouida. I am a huge fan of both McGonagall and Ouida, truly.

Ouida at Wiki:
During her career, she wrote more than 40 novels, children's books and collections of short stories and essays. She was an animal lover and rescuer, and at times owned as many as thirty dogs. For many years she lived in London, but about 1874 she moved to Italy, where she remained until her death in 1908.

McGonagall at Wiki:
McGonagall has been acclaimed as the worst poet in British history.

I did send the book club Donna J. Haraway’s When Species Meet, but everyone was too busy denying evolution, the Holocaust, and Barack Obama’s citizenship, or, they were out of town, using fake documents, and voting for Ollanta Humala in the Peruvian elections.

I am personally involved in “Doug is not even awesome, I’m only saying,” and, also, “Doug who?"

Terence, thank you for bringing this "hidden treasure" to a wider audience. I've dug Doug's work since I first read his 1960s novel FREAKS (published in 1973) and then came to know him and his poetry through you. He is indeed awesome and a little aw shucks too. I can't wait for the "large selected works" IN THE WORKS to come out, hopefully in the nearest future

If I ever learn to drive I'm gonna be lo-ridin down the hood in my pimped out magic fire chevy. with some sweet mommas. blastin Teach me how to Dougie.

It was an honor to be at the 70th celebration and Doug does have great hair.

Even in a recession people still enjoy donuts.
Doug Lang is the donut and the donut hole.
Presence and absence: the past and the future
manifest in the present.

IN THE WORKS is going to blow the hinges off every donut shop in North America as well as assorted pastry operations in Europe, Asia, and so on.

I have a Facebook account because of Doug Lang. I'm just saying.
I think the Corcoran College of Art is the BEST because of Doug Lang. I'm just saying.
DC poetry would be nothing without Doug Lang. I'm just saying.
We're all a'Dougie all a'day with Doug Lang, that's the saying.

A fine bit of sarcasm tempers things nicely.

Great post for a great man. Doug, dude, send me some poems in 2011.

so glad in the works is in the works

up swansea!

I refute the rumour that Dougie and I are related in any form or shape..he certainly changed shape once on the all-American apple pie diet.. I remember when he was a skinny kid telling me horror stories at midnight, he is responsible for all the nightmares and should pay my shrink.Aactually he scores quite high on the brother front, but I never said that..shhh! love the old fool to bits, keep it real bro! xxxxxx

Glad you had fun and a great day.
Thought I would post as I had something to say.
The party sounds super, the party sounds swell,
I just wish I could have been there as well.

We miss you here and dat's da facts.
You need to hurry up and sort out your tax.
I send you big love straight out from Blighty.
I send you big love and a hug that is mighty.
So keep on truckin, you be one fine dude,
keep on rocking with that smooth Dougietude.

(I may have read too much Dr Seuss to my daughter recently...)

Jay Millward says ...

He jus my Uncle! xxx

That is good enough for me.

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I left it
on when I
left the house
for the pleasure
of coming back
ten hours later
to the greatness
of Teddy Wilson
"After You've Gone"
on the piano
in the corner
of the bedroom
as I enter
in the dark

from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman

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