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May 12, 2011


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OK - I like this idea: Morning Bible stories with Mitch and Rachel. Also, Rachel, I can see how you would have picked up the "stay away" vibe from the woman crying while writing in her notebook. Maybe she wanted to be woman crying while writing in her notebook while other people look at her. I know that when I've cried in a public place like that I haven't wanted to be consoled.
And speaking of biblical names, how about Rachel's story?

Anyone else love that there's classical music playing in the background?

I believe men past age 40 cry as much or more than women, but rarely in public. Men often cry in cars. In one week a few years ago three different men cried in front of me. I feel that public crying by male politicians, athletes etc has become simply a manipulation tactic and ought to be resisted if not resented.

I don't know the Bible very well, but I can't think of an instance of male crying. Bueller? Bueller?

In the "handwriting on the wall" incident, the Bible says King Balshazar went poo in his pants or words to that effect. I think that's as close as the Bible gets to a man crying.

Not ironists? My ass.

I loved meeting Rachel via this video you guys made at McDonald's, Mitch! I'm glad Rachel takes your arm! I'm happy you enjoy a nice conversation together and it was good to hear Rachel mention the cranberries. Warm wishes and lots of mazel from Chicago! P.S. Am reading Isaac Peretz who is so great, I don't have to tell you (see "Domestic Peace"). P.M.S. What made you cry, Mitchell? (Please forgive tease in case of mortality.)

Hi again Mitchell and Rachel. I just viewed for the second time your R&M at McD video and want to say thanks for twice brightening my day. Mitchell, I like when you remark, "You can look out at the street." Also, what ring are you wearing? Your retelling of Moses and the rock was remindful of what Barry considers commentary on Talmudic law (enough to make a grown man cry) in the works of Franz Kafka may his spirit rest in peace.

I'm at work in the office where I've been working 12 hours a day recently. And despite the fact that I have excruciating daily international meeting coordination to do for one of my boss's clients--McDonalds's!--it's all good now, thanks to you.

This is a very funny, deep, and spiritual video. I especially liked the vaguely fiddle-sounding music in the background. Please do more.

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