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October 15, 2011


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I've been following with interest the gop debates online after they occur, the ebb and flow of the candidates' poll positions fluctuating up and down depending on a variety of factors the political media spinballs throw in the day to day race.

When they began Bachman was touted as the Republican answer to 2008, hogging the headlines with a potentially amazing-as-obama2008 act, that failed to materialize in the dis-articulation any genuine domestic consensus. Resonating only with Tea Party reason astro-turfed in there by a corporate injection of false flag reality, in the form of a loony electorate who's every action is fabricated pretence.

The one I was rooting for at the start, Ron Paul, currently a joke, was removed from official mainstream narrative, by Fox repeaters framing reality rigged and pushed by openly corporate shills - until the Iowa straw poll voted Ron Paul second to Bachman by 0.9%.

In this there was zero interest and RP's poll position got totally ignored by so called 'journalists' in every mainstream news organisation, ignoring the 27.7%.

Rupert's sock-puppets conspicuous refusal to acknowledge reality when supposedly reporting it - who came first ... then third, fourth fifth and down to eight, acting as though this inconveninet realty didn't actually exist - rubbed Ron Paul out from the inchoate narrative in a race for Official Truth and Freedom, until a Jon Stewart satirical squib brought the obvious to bear upon the mainstream consciousness.

I admire Paul because he is consistent in his Libertarian stance and, unlike the rest, actions. He is the one candidate articulating uncomfortable truths of American foreign policy, that keep those off the Homeland, in fear of ever ending up in your Justice system, America.

Ron then fell from the leader board when Perry entered the race, knocking Bachman and he back to fringe status in the process.

Paul has so far been unable to set the primaries' parameter to the most important setting: debating multiple domestic and international crimes and the institutionalised illegality that began with Bush's wiretapping, top secret torture programmes, secret prisons, mass indiscriminate civilian killings, all sorts of sickening and hypocritical illegality the incoming adminstration gave a blanket immunity to and continued as a matter of cause, even though it was elected on the pledge of ending illegality in office.

Instead of addressing the question of multiple wars started by illegal acts on which national security policy is founded, the candidates engage in attempting to steer the conversation to their finger pointing and distraction tactic of ignoring reality and creating the silence of fear by criminilizing those who dare speak on the side of decency and good, cast as dangers to national security, the whistleblowers thrown in jail by the corporate-military-industrial complex, instead of the lawyers legislating in favor of a financial monster entity in Satan's employ, technically speaking, as a Born Again governor, congresswomen, senior senator and co-religionist in the one true church of our corporate Lord and devil God - the proposal of no interest to other candidates with a singularly revealing aversion to debating the most important facts responsible for felling an empire.

It's taken the satirists to centre-stage inconvenient factual truths forming into a technologically founded global consciousness with every new leak. Glen Greenwald's unanswerable response to the latest 'threat' from Iranian assassins operating in the sacred Homeland, articulates Ron Paul's position with a forensic ferocity the Texas congressman should sweep to victory on should he grab the audience's attention in, perhaps, the same way Greenwald's prose does mine and the rest in squaresville reading mainstream media as the font fro America.

It's easy at this point to get serious on your ass, but in this series of debates, I learned from competitive B.O. cheering in 2008; what one hopes for and is led to chooses to believe, was the poetry of two all American alpha males and synthetically disguised silverbacks squared up in a primary competition, perhaps, in fact, two actors rehearsing lines scripted by handlers from the money-printing presses getting away with breaking the law for gov.corp as/is, once the shadow, now not, government elected along the lines of American Idol.

A short performance saying right-sounding stuff in a soothing burr, stuffed mummies, chimeras, chancers, Trump and Huntsman candiates in a circus of clowns for protean businessmen furthering the cause of America. The bottom line. The big spending slayers murmering any creative interpretation of reality that furthers corporate banker goals, the business truth profit-making in-sync with things possible and, clearly, impossible; prophets appearing reasonable and interested in the electorate, 'ordinary' American voters representing us, the dim light chattering editorial columns from a well of 4th estate media workers parroting messages connected to a corporate show businesses of the money in billions and trillions, hidden hands behind minds making it up as we lie comatosed by rhetoric clearly at odds with the facts as they pertain to the personal side ofn their pocket books, politicians with contracts and lucrative graft, plenty of pork for our co-workers on the Hindenburg about to crash and burn, slowly exposed in every new leak and piece of information that further contextualises and adds clarity to the bigger picture of corporations and governments' cosily hand-in-hand running the planet by iron fists of greed and geo-political hate mongering.

Perry was doing well at first, straight in at number one; until cracks in the flawless good ol' facade began to appear. His number one claim of a million Texas jobs in the teeth of recession, was offset by them being minimum wage ones. More slaves for corporate masterminds - compounded by the fact of Perry's executive order compelling Texan schoolgirl's to be vaccinated with anti-cervical cancer drugs made by a pharamacutical corporation who created huge profits in the massive drug programme created by Perry's executive order.

Rick's performance in answering the conundrum, the disconnect between his rhetoric and reality, was a masterful depiction of insincerity toing and froing, trying to square itself in this slowly slipping facade studiously chipped away at. 'Niggerface' rock croppd up soon after, in the first month, and an injection of seriousness that couldn't be dodged. News corp demanded answers be made of this topographical proof and testament to the Official Racism and important/trivial detail of pressing current concern in the contemporary debate between good and evil, right and wrong, what's best for America and what is certain death.

D'Age rub along equitable in the lens of a reflective mainstream news agenda until a next strategic finger points as the mudslinging starts in earnest the closer we spin to the final decider when America's next top idol/model steps up waving to a crowd demanding Obama's removal and the repeal of every single piece of legislation the inexperienced senator from Anywheresville transacted during a, thus far, less than successful administration.

Read and rejoice Republican America, the whole world of us and them frightened onlooking followers and fellow facebook frauds fearing the next Mr or Ms President, acting like s/he's the very first disembodied ol' time carny barker reading from a script written by the octogenarian mind, is Julian or Rupert tugging out the future multi-directional news, spewing confusingly from a planetary PC craft in pointed distraction, refusing to debate reality as/is, but preferring instead to enthuse ourselves with madness, insanity, anything but the Truth, america?

James Cagney.

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