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June 18, 2012


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Excellent post -- with Rilke, forbidden smoking, fracking and its discontents, memories of Goldwater Republicanism (ladies in tennis shoes were all the rage), poetry both Lawless and legal, and we wonder whether Gregory is related to that other Lawless poet of charm and a glorious future, Amy, mon amie. But. . . je me demande. . .why were you taking the Greyhound bus? Or was it a Trailways? And I recalled the years when I lived in Ludlowville and took the bus down to NYC and back once a month to show my face at Newsweek on 444 Madison Avenue. I recall the day I found a needle in the bathroom of the bus. Glad am I those days are behind me, though come to think of it I did write poems and read many a book on those journeys. Well, as Robert Creeley used to say, signing off his letters, Onward! -- DL

I live in South Central PA, and fracking is a huge issue here. Thanks for this post!

I love this post, but of course ( I have a blog of fracking comics and have similar experiences with the topic), and I also love your book, Tanya. I am just realizing that I must be your neighbor.

If you haven't seen Nin Andrews' fracking comics, you'll find them here:

everyone MUST see Nin's comics !

Stacey and Leah are right: Nin's comics are a riot. DL

Thanks. A couple years back, an Italian cousin came to visit Boston. At my suggestion she had taken one of the Chinatown buses from NYC (I took a Bolt Bus Monday...there are outlets, which means movies, which meant La Strada on the way down to NYC on Friday.)When I intercepted her at the bottom of the bus steps, she was like, "Squalido!" The Bolt Bus is usually not that squalido. But yes I prefer the Quiet Car on the Acela...Ludlowville sounds nice. I imagine a post office...

Hi Nin--I love your comics. So funny and sad. I don't know if I am your neighbor. I live in Somerville, MA, now--a suburb of New York, four hours north of the city...Thanks for reading my book!

Tanya, I love your book too. So glad Anthony Madrid gave you space here. This is a great smart post (I failed to mention). Re: Fracking. Ug. I thought the idea was to look for alternative energy means, to save the environment, and not look for short term fixes that only make things worse. The pro side is always talking about how it's a boon to the depressed areas and struggling farmers so it's interesting to get your take on those who are actually selling leases.

Thank you! Thanks so much for liking my comics! I am taking a bit of a break from the fracking scene, or trying to . . . working on a new series of comics, all literary. Or so I hope. (If I listen to THE DAILY BUZZ here--the fracking news, I will get side-tracked. I am so easily side-tracked.)

But I was so excited to think that a great poet like you,Tanya, lived near here. Ah well.

Somerville. I think of Tufts. Nice lakes and easy access to the cities . . . I think I would like to live there.

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