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August 06, 2012


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Finally, someone gets it. Thanks.

An excellent analysis. The Dickens interpretation is right on, and it's way cool to weave Obama and Romney into the discussion. What is the significance of "Bane" in relation to the Republican candidate's business career? I wonder.

Yes, thank you. I think Metropolis (Fritz Lang) is a much crisper, much clearer example of what Nolan was going for. Bruce Wayne's wealth has been too overstated by critics and politicos and partisan cultists, while Batman's mythological (not manufactured) heroism is almost completely ignored.

On of the best reviews of DKR that I've come across. Really well done. Thanks for this, Joe. (Anthony Lane has a review from the other end of the spectrum in last week's New Yorker. Worth reading and arguing with, for or against.) But this one is superb.

you make some good points, however you are missing the "smaller picture" - in Obama's "miracle medicare" bill, in page 1044 I believe, it states that all US citizens must accept an RFID tracking chip implanted in their body to receive medical care starting next year (2013) in late March - in this chip will be stored all of your personal, medical and financial information, essentially, every "dirty little secret" Americans have - soon enough, you will not be able to contract for insurance of any kind based upon such information, not have a "legal" job, nor even buy food - what you all need to realize is that the "United States of America" is a corporation, hence it has a "president" whom presides over the corporation, however, the corporation's principal is a Scottish philanthropist beholden to the fictional "queen of the United Kingdom" - herself acting as a corporate fiction "none are more hopelessly enslaved than those whom falsely believe themselves to be free" - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - he stated this in 1786 - all of you are guilty of fraud at contract for operating as corporate fictions yourselves and the "queen" claims you as her chattel property, her slaves. She is the biblical "whore of babylon", she has no 'right of rule" and she is sitting on the fence considering the rules of the 'right of rule", that is her street corner, plying her fraud and you all come to her to "lay lasciviously" with her. The monetary, taxation and other trade systems will be laid bare soon enough, punctuating all of this. The character of Harvey Dent/two-face is effectively G.W. Bush, whose "Patriot Act" you have correctly deduced is represented by the "Dent Act" - actors like Commissioner Gordon are a represntation of other "officials" that have towed the line to maintain the status quo. The character of Bane will likely not spring from the ranks of the "American elite" (Romney) but will likely be Vladimir Putin, research and recognize that the former Soviet Union's armed forces were called the "World Liberation Army" and nor has communism every existed, not in the former USSR, not in China today, it is all oligarchical fascim. The puppet-masters behind this all are the real threat here. The "dark knight" is represented in real-world terms by Obama himself-look at the story in TDKR - a "bad guy" from halfway around the world, a prisoner of a rich so-and-so (capitalism) arrives wearing a mask, i.e. acting as a corporate fiction - you have the "batman" (another player acting as a corporate fiction, the masks represent the corporation from behind which they operate) whom represents the old-world capitalist oligarchical fascism - this is the Hegellian Dialectic people, push you on the left, push you on the right, you end up in the middle, right where they wanted you to begin with - thesis + anti-thesis = synthesis - so despite the seemingly impossible task of "defeating the strong man" whom hold you all hostage with your own grief (the bomb waiting to go off, a stage prop) the corporate fiction of "batman", with a little help from the blackguards protecting the crumbling old-world establishment, the "police", (see corporate policy enforcement officers - pronounce "police" in the French tongue, it is that simple) together take down the corporate fiction strong-man (Bane) meantime the "dark knight" gets stabbed in the back by the hidden "queen" whom has her own agenda and that is mass sacrifice - there is a death-cult running this planet ladies and gentlemen, you are all considered as pawns in the game and "Tahlia's" mention of "kill them all" as they pass the ranks of the police is indicative of her disdain for life, no matter how well the pawns have served her agenda in the past. At the end of the "movie", the "dark knight" is memorialized with a statue, venerated as a "faceless-god-saviour" (the New World Order - one world government, one company one common cause) and this is all in the Revelation of John, "the beast" whom places himself above god, a statue erected in the "temple" to be revered and prayed to - you have to wake up all of you, because neither the "batman" nor "bane" are the coming king, you have all been deceived and will suffer grievously all of you - to be sure, I am not a "religious nut", I am a self-tasked student of history with an eidetic memory and what I have disclosed here is but a tip of the iceberg, it gets deeper and uglier the further down the well you go. I could explain all of the scenes and imagery in the film, suffice it to say, I feel what I have imparted here is enough for this forum. "Those whom refuse to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them" - history is repeating itself, mass-sacrifice (holocaust) is nothing new on this planet and you all have cross-hairs painted over your hearts

I will return to this site periodically to address any comments or questions - the e-mail address I gave when posting is a dummy address - sorry, I too am human, must consider my own life - life is the prize people, the true and only wealth on this planet or anywhere in the cosmos - live, learn, love, peace

Life is the prize. But you'd be surprised at the difference a good cup of coffee can make in your day.

I admire the comparison that you make with Charles Dickens's message in "A Tale of Two Cities," most valuable.

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