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January 12, 2013


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Hegel's Christian derivative dialectic trinity of thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis, could be to Hagel as Descartes is to Des Tarces or Hagler to Hearns in The War fought over three rounds, April 1985, in Caesars Palace, one of the greatest fights in boxing history, 12 minutes of non-stop all out War to conquer and retain a crown, laurel belt of the world champion middleweight and philosopher in the wisdom of Sophia asking questions, probing, investigating the background of the background of the candidate in action as one with a plan, project, practical personnel management ability, getting boots on the ground, mopping up, clearing, steering troops out from harms way, with minimal losses, the brave and the Fallen eulogized and prayed for, 'pray for more dead soldiers' placards waved across the road for at the funerals of our boys draped in flags lowered into the womb America, fortifying philosophical and temporal in you and us our 'lost souls living in a fish bowl, year after year' Dylan Floyd, Govinda, Saddam and Gomorrah, made up names Ronaldo Banaldo, Jimmy c'mon Colbert, Stephen Stewart or Jon Wayne with Betty Grable walk in to a bar full of politicians, paupers, partier people of the ultra blend tai kwondo, judo christian Chuck Hagel Hegelian mien they ask him this they ask him that and in black and white Bobby Kennedy crops up ambling out of McCarthy, Starr, Oliver North, this attorney, that General all of them talk, talk, talk yet few remain memorized, relevant, the time space distance equation of history emerges and our stained past unwatched and disposed of, unmentioned after reinvention of continually new the american dream, always in flux a political, sociological, cultural behemoth, o go now away chuck a question feint, parry, dart and thrust home, gun owning shooters of this and that baddie, down out of oversight, negligence and freedom, nightmares trundle, bustling in and out around up down across along because with this be that and don't answer this, what, what was passenger 582 doing, no, yes, no more vacillation, get with the racket, stick your neck on the block, get political and decide, decide, decide to do whatever it is, o man a half-case of Aristotle Poetics and Horace Ars Poetica, bring us this land of the future where 'in the ages that lie before us, the burden of the World's History shall reveal itself' o hear on this blog by the hand of a noble few, true souls singing spoken song.

Give it to me!

Senator Schumer is meeting with Chuck Hagel this week in private. Schumer should consider that Hagel does not believe that a military option is an option even if negotiations fail.

He has recently changed his previous stated views on this issue to accept "all options are on the table", in order to advance his career. It means he now believes that it is expedient to use the threat as
a public lever in negotiations, but if negotiations fail, he would advise in private, that the US should allow a nuclear armed Iran.
Many of those who are in favor of confirmation such as Nicholas Kristof, writing in the New York Times, have said the same thing. Iran certainly understands this, and is rooting for him.

A nuclear Iran has sworn to eliminate Israel and every mosque in Iran has a poster "Death To Israel."

After Iran drops an atomic bomb over Tel Aviv, the issue of whether Hagel is anti-Israel or pro-Israel becomes mute.

Iran has a high tolerance for the deaths of huge numbers of people. The war between Iran and Iraq ostensibly over a territorial dispute concerning 0.1% of Iran's land mass had a million casualties.
Iran has spread it's terror all over the globe and has murdered more than a thousand Americans.
It's ideology is identical to Al Quaeda, amd certainly has America, the Great Satan in it's cross hairs.

A Hagel confirmation kills any chance of Iran agreeing to stop it's nuclear weapons program through negotiations. why would they take the tremendous political risk of telling their people that years of sanctions privations was for nothing when they know their is no risk of an American military action?

I believe President Obama's primary motivation in nominating Hagel is that he thinks he would help to deeply cut the Pentagon budget, and not to poke a finger in the eye of the pro-Israel constituency.
But it is a very serious miscalculation of unintended consequences.
Several Senators and Congresspeople have made exactly the same objections.
The Senate should not confirm Hagel. Senators Gildebrand, Schumer. Lautenberg, Menendez, Boxer, Cardin and many more that take seriously the Iranian threat and have made promises to their constituents on this issue should vote no just for this reason.

Senator Schumer should remember how the US government's policy against bombing Aushwitz are now eerily similar to this crucial moment.

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for the pleasure
of coming back
ten hours later
to the greatness
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of the bedroom
as I enter
in the dark

from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman

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