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February 25, 2009


I heart Joe Brainard, too. Thanks for this post.

(I think I like Bucky and his glass eye best.)

I do like the carrot--and much else! Thanks. This beats the facebook 25 things any day.


I somehow misspelled my favorite Pooh bear's name. I feel like I've blasphemed.

Oh and I think Raquel is more a grape than a Dylan Thomas compatriot.

But no ashes on forehead for that--I ought correct these things but somehow have grown attached to their being incorrect, what sort of boor am I? Or as Ashbery says in, I think, Flow Chart: "Or am I some sort of jerk?"

Oy suddenly filled with yearning for Flow Chart and must

don't you mean "there being incorrect"?
Flaw Chart is wonderful. The first time I read it I HATED it; the second time was for forever.

I've just been enjoying Chartlove. Yum.

The first time I read it, it made me dizzy for a week. And not in a nice way.

The second, it cured the dizziness that it caused the first time.

The third was like being an elk at a saltlick. And as an elk, I can't stop going back.

good poem. i remember a lot of this stuff as well. sitting "indian" style - haven't thought of that since i was a kid.

thank you. I'm so glad that I am not a single mind in a vast pond of cultural reference. you make me feel a little more sane.

"stiff as a board" ... that's the something that comes after "light as a feather," isn't it?

yup. but totally forgot, thanks for the catch up. I wonder why I forgot light as a feather, what does that say about ME. Ugh, rather, what does that say about the horrible me who forgets things and then asks what does it mean to forget them. Blech.

"stiff as a board" is easy to forget when the phrase describes either arousal, or the guy who taught you the phrase.

is someone an analyst?

hey you, mr. dr. guy.


Lucky Dylan linked to this. I get to read your poems (and initial rant about greatness).

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