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June 30, 2009


I love this post Tess! I have an idealized day too and I get close to it only once in a while (up early, write, job, gym, dinner, read, sleep). It is interesting to consider what gets through the "cracks' that's out of our control and what does that is entirely within our control. Thanks.

Wonderful post, Tess! And, having started my writing career when my sons were three and five, oh, boy, can I relate! (Regarding refereeing squabbles, my rule finally became, "if you aren't bleeding from an artery, unconscious, or on fire, leave me out of it.")

The Cohen quote reminds me of two things: one, that perfection is an illusion, and seeking after it will end up stifling you altogether; and that true insight often comes from recognizing what is out of our control and what is not (thanks, Stacey). I try to remember the Buddhist idea that there are no mistakes, only opportunities for growth and learning. (To counteract the pretentiousness in that last statement, let me also say that you could have heard me cussing all the way to NY when I spilled paint all over a project yesterday.)

Maybe the trick is just to let ourselves off the hook sometimes.

Such an enjoyable post - i particularly liked the photos. kids sure do have a talent for keeping one in the present, don't they? in the yoga sutras there is discussion of not being attached to the fruits of the outcome - that is, do our best and not get twisted up over the end result. all we can ever control is our reactions and our choices - the rest is largely beyond us. and the present is all we have. the cracks in our constructed shells of Should Be and I Want are where raw life leaks in. the challenge for us, is how we face it. with all the usual human flailings & wailings, of course, and sometimes we reach the realization that life is swirling all around us, not confined to the Must Do list. easier said than done, of course! but there is joy in the chaos of it all, if we can but take a breath & look at the big picture. which you accomplished. eager to read the next post!

Love it, love it, love it! You've been peeking in my window, taking notes and posting your observations so poetically. Oh wait. That wasn't my life you were writing about? Could have fooled me.

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