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December 24, 2009


I aspire to be more like Ava - she's a terrific tough broad with a big heart. Not to mention gorgeous.

(Artie Shaw was a jerk to all his wives. And to most women. If he hadn't played clarinet like an angel, someone would have dropped a piano on his head.)

She was heart-breaking in "Showboat," but my favorite Ava Gardner performance is in the oft-scorned "Night of the Iguana." I think she really caught the tragic but indomitable essence of Maxine Faulk, a woman who is past her prime but whose gusto is not. A brave role for Garnder, too - showing she was an artist as well as a movie star.

I wonder what the synastry between her chart and Frank Sinatra's charts looked like.

Probably like a mushroom cloud.

I'm often mistaken for Ava Gardner.

LO, I think you're right about "Night of the Iguana" (though about all I remember of that pic is the song, "The Shadow of Your Smile"). And you're almost certainly right about Artie Shaw. Yet I have a soft spot for Abraham Arthur Arshawsky, who faced so much anti-Semitism as a boy that he was determined to excel at anything he tried: he was ranked #4 among marksmen in the US and was an adroit fly-fisherman in addition to playing "Begin the Beguine" most brilliantly.

Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935.....not December 24th. I share a birthday with Elvis, not that this means a thing.

The Shadow of Your Smile was from The Sandpiper not Night of the Iguana and Artie Shaw was a jerk when it came to women - he was married 8 times and not one of his ex-wives remembered him with any fondness. Says a lot about the man. When Ava died instead of being gracious he said something like "she died of confusion - she was all over the place". How gentlemanly of you Mr. Shaw. Fine musician but lousy human being.

Yes, "The Shadow of Your Smile" was in "The Sandpiper." My error. -- DL

Wow, are you single?

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