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May 09, 2010


This is very touching and beautiful Terry.

Thanks for this honest and tender post. I feel like I learned something of substance about you and about what it's like to inhabit an immigrant family. It's something I think about a lot, and you've offered a thoughtful sketch here, along with a poignant tribute to your mother. I'd love to read more...
Best, Emma

Thanks, Emma.

Man, knock me out why don't you. My mother, God rest her soul, used to share that same pound of dirt saying. I was lucky enough to be in my twenties before I lost her. We share so much Terence, including being the youngest of large Irish(-American) families and clans (and my father's father being from a crossroads not far from your mother's Loughrea) I thought I couldn't learn much more. But this entire post, including the poem, seemed like news as fresh as today, and the photos make me wish I'd not just known you mother but had been there to greet her when she got off the boat. I'll second Emma, I want to more.

Very moving, very beautiful. The photos are wonderful.

Thanks, Michael.  As you know, I was pretty amazed when I found out a few years ago that the maiden name of Theresa McNally, my mother's best friend (and also from Loughrea), was Lally. Still gives me the chills.

Wow--she was really beautiful. So's this memo, TW.

I love this. I never met your mother, but feel like I have through your work, through poems like this one. What a loss.

"I knew there was no afterlife . . ." indeed.

Your writing is brilliant and, ironically, beyond words.

Thank you Terry. I like your voice/writing. It's very comforting to me.

I love the poem and pictures, especially the one with the big smile. That's how I want to remember her. Eileen

Thanks T.P.

and it was good to see you the other day.


Ter, I remember your mom and the feeling of love in her presence and home. thanks , Will

"Just once, pay a little visit.

Tell me what I need to know before you go."


Heartbreaking & mesmerizing...I'm honored to be her namesake... you know my middle name is Bridget. I wish I could have known her.I really appreciate all the stories I've heard throughout my life. They have made me feel close to her even though I never had the chance to have her in my life.I always wondered what it would be like to have a grandmother. There will always be that void.Your sadness is not solitude...

TP--it's a good thing I didn't read this on Mother's Day or I'd be more teary than I already am. The notion that her not paying you a visit is proof there's no afterlife is devastating and perhaps even more evidence of your love for her. Thanks, pal, for sharing.

'tis lovely, Terence. How proud she'd be of you.

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