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April 03, 2011


Thanks for sharing this, T. These are quite lovely poems.

Thanks for this Terence. I have some photos that are my favorites of Lee which I'll post to my blog (I can't figure out how to post them here) Lally's Alley: <>. Though only 4'11" Lee was a powerful presence in the lives of all who ever encountered her, especially me. And I have no doubt she made her mark as a poet in her short life. THESE DAYS had a wide impact on many poets, many women in general, and particularly on the burgeoning "second wave" of feminism at that time. And just to clarify for those who might read the poems above as commentary on her relationship with me, I raised our son from our separation on and she our daughter, who was in the process of moving in with her brother and me when Lee had the operation that left her in a coma. She was a strong voice for a lot of the feelings so many women were trying to express in those days (the late 1960s and early '70s) and for many she remains a strong voice for the frustrations and righteous anger at the ways in which many women are still treated.


A terrific piece and overdue. Thanks for it.


Beautiful poems. Thanks for posting.

Ah, Lee. I loved to sit in the house on Emory Pl. with her while she hemmed pants for Caitlin. She demonstrated with aplomb that you could be a poet and a mother at the same time.

Well done, Terence. Lee Lally deserves renewed attention. These days now, when the poetry "career" arc is so intense, it is easy for an "old school" poet like Lee to fade into the distant background. Your act of retrieval does justice to Lee and service to the rest of us. I'd love to see an anthology of Some Of Us Press chapbooks, in print or online, or both. Nice work. Thank you.

Never read either of those poems, even though I have a copy of the book. Thanks, especially since it's been 25 years since she died, it feels right to have some new perspective on her as an adult mother myself.

Thanks, Terry. I never had a chance to meet her, but I think I see some of her traits in her granddaughter. It helps to know more about my late mother-in-law.

Very grateful for the introduction and opportunity to read Lee's expressions of life.

Terence, thanks for shedding a little light on my mom. Love the lead photo too.

Dad, here is a link to your blog post with a few more pics of Lee:

More Pics of Lee at Lalley's Alley


I love the idea of a Some Of Us Press anthology!

How wonderful to be able to read some of Lee's poetry. She was a force of nature and subtle in her delivery. She was kind and sweet to me at a time when I didn't expect it. She set a standard that few can follow. Ah, 1971 in DC was the doorway to my poetry, I just didn't know it until some 30 years down the road. Thank you Terry xo

Thanks, Booby. Good to have your thoughts added to this post.

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