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June 22, 2011


Cool quote from Michel Foucault! Looking forward to your always engaging reportage and musings, Sally. Good your jet legs are settling, your 'ship' anchored in Lisboa. Thanks for the fado - Cesaria's a fave any time of day. Happy teaching...and learning...and sharing.


I'm jealous. I was in Portugal as a young teenager. It was the first place I had grilled sardines; a kind of gazpacho that was like no other, and better, than any I've had since; a croissant; and real coffee (not all in the same meal). We traveled the country and at one point stayed in a hotel on a hillside. In the morning, I could hear the "bread man" pushing his metal cart filled with fresh loaves up the hill. The bread looked as if it had been a big disc of dough folded in half and it was delicious. I still have a beautiful cotton blanket and a sweater from Portugal. What a wonderful place. And the boys were beyond handsome. I'm looking forward to your posts, Sally. Thanks.

Hi Sally, thank you for that incredibly beautiful song. Like Stacey, I wish I could be there, too. I had a magical trip to Portugal in my late 20s with a girlfriend of mine who was "given" a two-week trip to anywhere of her choosing from her law firm as a reward for winning a case. She got to take a friend. She chose Portugal and Me. I was very lucky! I hope you will go to the Algarve. OMG is that ever beautiful. And I am forgetting the name of the northern forest area (see my post today on menopause!) Anyway, have a fantastic time at the conference and please send more music if you have time!

Needless to say, Sally, I'll be enjoying your experience in Portugal vicariously.

Thank you for that gorgeous piece of music-Saudade.

Saudade: the feeling of missing something you love while knowing that its likelihood of return is unknowable and entirely left to fate...Beautiful, isn't it? I read this in a Portuguese blog...

Poetry in Portugal--lovely! Brings back memories of my trip to Spain and Portugal last October, where I experienced Fado music--sad, melancholy tunes which evoked emotional reactions without even understanding the words. Wish I were there!

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