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August 07, 2011


looks like the macbeth's

Darn darn blog blog typo typos. I always always do do that that.

so much depends
upon it. so much
depends upon
it. so much
depends up
on it.

How about other examples of the genre, kind Sir?

That Unhygienic Insouciance
He is Not to She as She is to I, or: The We of You or It
Room of Bone and Blood
Blood, Bone and Blood Room: Room of Bone and Blood Part II

Love "The Sinus Handbook," David. And I could totally write that book. Unfortunately.

Occasionally in conversation when drunk I tell people about an idea I have for a screenplay called Bloodgut. Details on personal request if it's 5 o'clock somewhere.

"Anguish: A Comedy"
"Naval-Gazing: a History of Ship-Watching."
"My Angst, and Welcome to It."
"Sensitive Artichoke"
"Dante's Infirmary" (medical melodrama)
"My Suffering is Better Than Your Suffering"

Where's Essbaum? She'd kill at this.

I create new magazine titles all the time. A recent favorite: "Zafdig."

This excellent & funny post caused me to search my disorganized bookshelves for my copy of Tonto Lavoris, a 1973 Adventures in Poetry chapbook, published anonymously but actually a collab between Clark Coolidge and Larry Fagin. 13 pages of titles and names, some of which are ridiculously memorable:
The Wicked Straightener
The Magic Crease Elf
Blank Oregano Stout
Sherry Crustacean
Paradiddle Kofax
Blanche Carte
Black Ben Palpate
Dunce Hull
Cherry Nullification

I had a "Blank Oregano Stout" when I hitch-hiked through northern Wales hatless with an old-fashioned duffel bag in in the fog of a June evening. It was pretty good, but I liked their bitter better. How about you, Terence Patrick?

As they say, the better the bitter, the worst the wurst. So I'm sticking with Guinness, with or without a hat.

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to the greatness
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as I enter
in the dark

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