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February 01, 2012


In the pagan calander of anceint Britain, a three day period either side of February 1, Imbolc, was a very sacred mid-winter punctuation point equidistant between Samhain, a three day period of cultural observance and ritual reflection either side of haloween, and Beltaine, the three day period either side of May 1; all three of which are quadrants our hand sweeping past has as an acnhor point in the poetic system with which we jigger and poke, mouth voodoic oracular babble birthing poetry and the music of which happening song sung is one's own and not what other's sing.

This point also punctuates the half way point in the annual six month bardic semester of Samhian to Beltaine. By now the various students and instructing agents teaching the Tuatha De Danann system of knowing your Scholar's Primer, Auraicept na n-éces, from Ovid and Homer, Emerson and Drake, Columbus and Santorum, Paul and Romney, Bachman and Newt, in bed conducting an operation God had ordered them to perfomr for the greatness of a land you lie for, everyone reading, America the Brave, True hooligan change your style music, early notes of insanity and sense tinkling into sonic apprehension and acoustic discernment, this February first, imbolc, ancient day in the whole hidden edifice and poetic skeleton of Global Poetry Inc's latest Westbro bapstis style love-in from Mitt the man with an army of supporting billionaire business people supporting the role of war in what New American Century their intellectual charity and emotional remoteness birthed first principles inherited from father and son Georges one and thirt seven, was it, the first former alchol abusing commander in chief of the cabinet where financial compacts and the deeds to unlocking the mega-fraud frightingly insaner and insaner in America today.

Since last I was truly excited during the time we first fell in love with a class act called you know who, the one that sings America the Kenyan, Born to be Brave, Al Sharpton and the reverand Sir John Milf mixing adulterous denier of some crazy Newtonian more-man actor, angry within, seeking to reinvent, America in peril, strip back your right to be protected by new legislation a federal cosumer agency can impliment to make it easier for Americans to get out of the hole Newt voted for before he adopted his current course of lies and destructive non republican partisanship, captaining the chapel and pastorizing, making up lies on the spot and, with todays media, a lifetime spent failing to impliment the very mores and modes he claimed as his own, prior to committing adultry with his numerous wives. Numerous in the Fox-Republican attack pack sense of crass, damaging and transparently fake claims streaming from a congenital liars mouth.

I love you America the brave liberal humanist essence from Emerson to Ashberry and beyond, into the full spectrum embracing all the micro-scenes of your literary climate, future American greats and failures; lend me your time and Divinity arriving en cue will combine to make es poesis mo chuck 'n chara, blow-to gal, or guy, a genderized political correctness and just so mentality that's gotta be a joke, right, America?

Wow! this is really amazing I love it. Thanks for sharing this page. It really helps me a lot. Keep up the good work.

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