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June 25, 2012


This piece is so full of flavor! Sight, taste and texture and summer afternoons, salty, earthy and cool. The Williams Sonoma excursion sounds divine. I have considered buying that corn zipper.

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for those kind words. The corn zipper is my new favorite thing. It's made in Switzerland! And has a cutout smiley face. I think all tools should have some sort of smiley face on them.

"Corn Zipper" sounds like the title of a new collection of poems. Also, I didn't know soy sauce was fermented.

I have four lima bean vines. I will send you a boatload of them when they are ready.

You had me at Pimm's. My friend Rachel got me hooked on a cocktail apparently called "lawn party" that combines pimms #1 with ginger ale, a splash of vodka, s;ices of cucumber and, if memory serves, a sprig of mint. It is summer in a glass.

Was the umami paste MSG? I've seen it there at WS and never really picked it up.

This is a fun strand, Leslie. Of course not all artists are foodies, but the sensualist pleasure angle of eating is a whole other level of nourishment and it opens immense vistas in writing. We shall have to plan a few menus. :-)

(I foresee an installment of "Much depends upon Dinner" in sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving. You?)

Pimm's! I just bought a new bottle yesterday. The standard Pimm's Cup mixes the gin-based liqueur with lemonade and ice, and that's a good summer drink (especially if the lemonade is fresh and you're an anglophile), but it's even better when you add a shot of good gin kept in the freezer (e.g., New Amsterdam). I'm sipping one such right now with the Mets ahead of the Cubs 2-0 and darkness settling on the lakeside greenery out the western window. DL

Amy-- no msg in the umami paste, thank goodness. And we should think of doing a dialogue week here when you're the James Merrill fellow. That'd be rousing!

David, the image of your Pimm's cocktail stayed with me all day. I've now got a bottle of gin in the freezer and a fresh bottle of Pimm's at the ready. Just as soon as I grade a couple dozen essays.


Delicious, all of this.

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