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January 27, 2013


Great posting - love those reviews - true every word.

Thank you, Terry. It was a treat for me to see those photos!

I am truly honored and touched by Terence Winch's words. Even though we have been friends for many years—my God! four decades now!—this post by a fine American poet and short story writer whose work I have long admired, and an acclaimed Irish musician as well (a founding member ot Celtic Thunder), came as a complete and wonderful surprise. Perhaps it's shouldn't have been such a surprise because Terry is a generous man in the true sense of the word. Through his words he has breathed new and vibrant life into the now vanished Bronx of the postwar years—and also through his song. He continues to write every morning. His subjects are not limited to the Bronx of his youth—that just happens to be what I am reading now—but pretty much run the gamut. He sees, and lets us see, the extraordinary in the ordinary. An act of love, really. But in whatever voice he speaks, or sings, or plays, that voice is unique. There is none other like it.

And by the way, the beautiful woman in the last photograph is his wife, the artist Susan Campbell.

Would love to have been there - looks like a good time was had by (heard by?) all. Thanks for giving us a glimpse, in words and pictures.

Wish I had been there Terence and Bill (and Susan). I have my original signed copy of the first edition of TESTING THE CURRENT and am now, as I was when Bill gave it to me, moved and inspired by not just the novel but the journey of the man who created it. So happy to see it back in print and available to others who may have missed it the first time around.

What a gracious and, at least for me, moving comment from someone I've respected and admired since the day we met forty years ago. And expressed so gracefully, too. Some of the things you said to me back then, Michael, remain in my memory, and will as long as my memory remains. I suppose like everyone else you told the occasional lie, but to me you always spoke true. And that is a wonderful thing.

A just and generous tribute.

Is there a finer virtue than loyalty?

Last time I was doing the celebrity thing in Rumania (being spammed IS a celebrity thing, no?), I was told, "That Terry must be the sweetest man who ever lived".

The Romanians were right, of course, as any one of them would be happy to acknowledge.


A lovely tribute to Bill, who has meant so much to so many of us. Wonderful picture of Bill and Susan. All best to Bill.

Thanks for the fine post, Terry. I remember reviewing Bill's admirable novel, when it was new, in "Newsweek," when it was a magazine. DL

That the book is back in print is great news. Thanks to the Powers that be, and thank you, Terry Wince, for alerting me to the new edition!

Slainte, all.

Terence Winch's unerring radar for what is of enduring, if overlooked, value in American letters can be detected in his blog posting about Bill McPherson's reissued TESTING THE CURRENT. Both Terence and Bill deserve our gratitude.

Earle Hitchner

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