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January 13, 2014


according to Apple, poetry is very alive....

Amiri Baraka had, in two days, over 8,000-10,000 people from all over the World, show up at his Memorials! An African delegation came to Newark's Symphony Hall to celebrate his cultural and literary contributions, both to the U.S. and the Modern World. Jazz musicians, dramatists, poets, scholars, civil rights leaders, community activists, actors/actresses, ministers, and politicians
all joined hands with Mrs. Amina Baraka, his widow, and Ras Baraka, his eldest son, and Newark's future mayor, all of his other children, to celebrate the committed Life of this great Djali/griot. The sterile white male who wrote that article lives in his own "dream world," far from the multitudes who love and celebrate great cultural geniuses like Amiri Baraka. Poor fool.
As I said before on Facebook, "Comrade Amiri Baraka, Presente'!" Sincerely, Askia M. Toure', poet-activist,Co-founder of the Black Arts Movement, the "largest Literary Movement in U.S. History."

Interesting, that this author uses this Forum to diss an accomplished Poets, Sour grapes? Player hater. This is your propaganda. When have you demonstrated courage to speak truth to Power. Maybe because you are the Power that was confronted by the Truth. But as truth goes, its proof is in its context. Baraka did not accuse or hold Isreal accountable for 9/11. He asked questions that are still not answered, about what did Iseral Know. That was just a small part of a long epic Poem, emoted with urgency. "Up against the wall mutherfucker" that was not invented by Baraka, but utilize to make a point of injustice gone amuk, painting people in corners, to have to lash out to survive. For a Poet, you have little depth, and you are the fool. I am just saying.

Mr Hoyes: You don't know what you're talking about.

This from Stanley Crouch on Amiri Baraka: "if they have read his work over the last 35 years. It is an incoherent mix of racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, black nationalism, anarchy and ad hominem attacks relying on comic book and horror film characters and images that he has used over and over and over. His so-called growth from what he was then to what he is now eventually meant regurgitating the theories of Marxist dictators and any radical agenda that embraced mass murder as a means of expressing the will of the proletariat, whom Jones initially thought of as black Americans - then "African peoples," then the entire Third World. It was simple evolution: All whites - and Jews especially - should be murdered; then all Negroes who did not submit to his agenda; then all homosexuals; then all capitalists; then all who did not agree that the Western world and capitalism should be destroyed. True, Jones began his career more than 40 years ago as a very talented Greenwich Village poet, essayist, playwright and novelist, a black bohemian with a Jewish wife and two children. But that LeRoi flipped out in the late '60s, left his wife and children after deciding to become a racist black leader and sold out his talent in the interest of hysterical diatribes that have gotten neither worse nor better in the past 35 years." Read more:

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