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January 22, 2015


Fantastic how a culture is revealed through these words, meanings seem so clear as you reveal them --got me thinking a little bit (and hope to think more on this later) culture revealed (or not) in those "Alice and Jerry readers I had in first grade --"Spot" the dog) --anyway, Bob, I liked the little boy you envidioned, and strange people (always useful, sometims, the stranger the better, but that's getting away from your story, piggybacking into other cultural tales just forming in my "big head" [swelling nicely, thank you] of dreams; strangers coming out at night, shivering and cold, needing --that's importantm isn't it, to be in "need" --there's a basis for some community right there! --thee has to be some form of need --and in this case, "needing" ( as we all do) some of the preciousness of Fire for light and heat --dual purpose!-- even better, to need both! --and these ideas seem so big, almost impossible to encomoss, light and heat can have huge implications and can also be considered as incredible local forms, light of eyes, heat of a body close by, ann even more local and portable in "Hey Buddy, you got s match?" --so the light and Heat can fit in s pocket, can br something you can't do without on some point on earth .... Will think further about this, Bob; things stay with Fan #1 for a very long time, as I make light, hest, either one or both, but, Bob, I never play with matches, mostly because of how my braids caught Fire when I was 8

Fantastic Bob, love when you talk about culture revealed in those three words --I asmit to thinking about
Osijek culture revealed in those "Alive and Jerry" books I read in first grade (nit these were cultures such as anything that you've found --I was simply thrust in these locations when I was in first grade,mand now could I forger (obviously I didn't since he's emerging right now: "Spot" the dog --but that little,boy you imagine is related, more-or-less, to that Jerry --stories you tell become (whether or not they should) to stories I remember --and hadn't thought about until I read your post again, one of those strangers coming out,malts at night (midnight here) shivering and cold, "needing" --isn't that importantm and a basis for community right there! --to be "in need", and not in need of just anything, but in need of what has become "precious" --Fire!! For both light and heat! --such purpose! Not sure that there was any preciousness in "Alice and Jerry" --maybe more in Spot, named for his blackness, such a contrast with those white bones he was served but this is taking me even further from (or,then again, bringing me back to either or both light and heat,(indeed, I'm getting "fired up" ----and light and heat can be manifestations of things quite huge! --but you apply reigns and maintain connections with the local (you're quite good at that, Bob) --"Hey buddy, you got a match? --heat and light becoming potable, able to fit in a pocket where heat and light are anyway, pockets of existence, --and that's very good, but I leanred to keep,away from matches --when my braids,caught fire, when I was eight years old, something for me to think about --I have so much to,think about, even more illumination (light and heat)'from tlur posts, Fan #1 is still on the heated job.

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I left it
on when I
left the house
for the pleasure
of coming back
ten hours later
to the greatness
of Teddy Wilson
"After You've Gone"
on the piano
in the corner
of the bedroom
as I enter
in the dark

from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman


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