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April 07, 2015


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If I was your mom I would be proud.

very great message

i still judge books, like this is an 8 and a half

beautifully crafted and very meaningful

I like that you preach for an open mind, everybody should be able to act how they want and not be judged.

You are my aesthetic.

this was a good lesson that everyone should learn

I like that Marty McConnell said that you don't have to like a certain person, or writing, but you must at least try to understand them/it.

/\ this comment stinks

I liked how the topic was focused on one thing, but you wrapped the piece around more than just one event. You used other points to get your message across to the audience.

This piece has a very meaningful message

The point you bring up about the importance of understanding people and writing that one doesn't necessarily like really resonates with me. I agree with that point because if one doesn't at least try to understand things that don't fit our aesthetic, then we become ignorant to what we could learn about and from those things.

Your use of vocabulary along with personal experience provides a personal and relatable read. Your point was well made and clear. You are an amazing writer!

I agree with the point being made in this piece. Instead of stubbornly disliking someone or something, we should all try to understand what is making us feel that way. By trying to understand our aesthetics and venturing beyond them, we can learn a lot more than originally thought.

This was a nice read. It made me think of similar situations and how I always give a chance for people before I judge. I think it's true how a person can learn from another despite not liking them and also how much a person can grow with time before becoming someone else that they may have disliked. Overall nice read and yeah ;3

I really liked this piece, it shows how what we think is our aesthetic is in fact just what we are used to.

I find it interesting that a professional poet doesn't like one of the most well known poets. It is sort of liberating to know that even someone in the field is able to dislike someone so highly regarded.

Allowing oneself to be able to understand someone else's thought or views can more often turn us prejudice. So how is it we should allow to have our own criticism molded differently because of others' way of thinking?
I do understand that the need for an open mind is a virtue to posses but it does not permit you to learn from others.

I find this sort of problem everyday. The 'don't judge until you know' type deal hits home a lot, since it's human nature to immediately judge a person once you've laid your eyes on them. I think a large part of this piece (and a large part of becoming a well rounded human being) is to be able to look for something to learn from someone or something you originally would dislike. I enjoyed this piece, and agree, you can and should take away something from every person you meet, even if they (or it) aren't your style.

I know Li-Young Lee's work as well. I am inclined to agree with Marty about my aesthetic choice too. However, I know that Lee was lost in his own reading of Emily. He told me a story once about working on an advanced degree in poetry: He said the prof told him to go read 'Moby Dick', and to go read Emily Dickinson. Lee didn't return back to class until the end of the semester. The prof asked where he was, and he said he was READING Moby Dick, he was READING Emily Dickinson. How could he go back to class, he was reading. I liked that story.

This blog does a really good job of saying not to judge a book by its cover. Although you may not like something or someone from their first impression it is important to look deeper into the meaning of things before you completely right it off because you might learn something from it.

"What if we begin with curiosity instead of criticism?" Some might argue that this is not doable. When does curiosity convert itself to criticism?

My first thought is that I love Emily Dickinson. My second thought is that I love this post. It makes me genuinely want to change the way I view people and I'm not overtly fond of change so that's new. Thank you for writing such a thought-provoking piece!

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