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April 08, 2015


Ms. McConnell,
This is another great thought-provoking topic for many people. Ignorance is not the ability to not agree with an idea, but the ability to not give an idea a chance. Thank you for another great article.

people die, it happens

nice piece

This is a great take on the recent issues that have come out due to racial issues.

Great article

This is such a powerful piece. The injustices in this world are disappointing and we must take action to make change.

The longer, comma divided sentences make this more dramatic.

You are poetic in essay as well.

I liked the lines about fate and our destiny and all that jazz. It was enjoyable and nice to read another perspective of fate.

how can a donut comment....

This article very much hit me home how we do not choose to be white or black and it means alot that you would not only be willing but would want to change.

Your poem is very moving.

This can be related to several issues that are happening around the US right now, the Baltimore protests for example.

By far, my FAVORITE piece!!

Great insight on current issues that have come forth

This is another really well said piece. Ties in very well with the recent happenings in Baltimore.

This article brings up a good point in dealing with current injustice. I like the point of view in which you took the article.

I have never heard someone take this particular approach on racial issues. This is a very powerful piece.

Very interesting piece. Definitely describes the racial problems that have taken place recently.

This is a really powerful piece and it makes an impact on the topic of racial injustice.

This piece really spoke out to many events that will be remembered throughout history, but it also gave a message that would make an audience think. No one reading has to necessarily agree, they just have to listen, and understand.

This was a wake up call for myself. It really makes a person question, what would history be like if all people had the same color skin with nothing to differentiate us?

This is a very well-written take on the recent unrest in America because of racial inequality.

Once again, you have touched on another amazing topic and has done a phenomenal job.

This piece was written in a way that can speak to anyone no matter what skin color. I like how it doesn't make one race seem bad and the other good, it just states that things happened and we can't change that but we can begin to change things now.

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I left it
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of coming back
ten hours later
to the greatness
of Teddy Wilson
"After You've Gone"
on the piano
in the corner
of the bedroom
as I enter
in the dark

from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman


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