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July 05, 2015


I earlier was in good literary spirit almost 72 hours ago when I first read of Kate through Sam Ohana s tangential poetry - she already gathered a chubby cloudy influence in my mind rreading through her trendy editorial on the Internet and poetry,Seeing her gorgeous beautiful body that encased her cerebrals I' m not surprised that such a bold observational evidence are unfurled from her contemporary mind.Some poets observed that poetry isn't popular enough these days of the Internet,Inopine otherwise,In fact I could the like of me and my humble but literally mindful colleagues and anonymous friends on/offline have discovered thousands of poets and their unique poetry on the one hand and many emerging poetic styles and schools so to speak.Even then the main thrust of my initial chasing or tag it following of Kate Angus s open editing mind is that her own writing imperatives other than dollar-wallet urgencies is or seem to be equally confessional.David Graham a poetry teacher in the USA had earlier commented the paucity of this trait in writers and poets generally askance they seem to gloss over the confessional aspect of themselves in their overall output.I m happy a few editors and poets are realizing this vital source of prompt as well as fertile substrate for poetics as well as utility meditation,
I wish I have online opportunity to meet Kate s original writings or poetry where her inner permission manifests in the fullest.
I also love her literary chemistry of distilling al the manuscripts or yearnings to win or to get published as publication and validation.Unless a writer or typical poet or writer of poems knows the priority significance of his own composition rather than the editors or the prize campaigner s(he) will end up throwing the baby with the bathwater! more pointedly a writers primary concern other than contract terms or specification must be his or her bent and sequeale of whatever fecund meditative monologue this focus will engender otherwise a poet or genuine writer will end up serving the press or the Man Mountain Boss and not holistic creative fountain,
however a versatile writer or poet should be able to blend or perform compliantly if bread and butter issue is the call.
more thoughts on this later my iPad power is flaking off!
kudos to you new direction poets and writers and with much delight you are all in free editorial positions ,Congratulations beyond bread !
you have found it Eureka
Gbemi Tijani MST

"I, too, dislike it," wrote Marianne Moore. Is this a sincere statement or a sarcastic one?

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