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October 13, 2017


We really miss her on Blue Bloods. She was the perfect actress for that part. No one told us what happened and we really miss her on the show. The dinner table is not the same without her.

Thank you for your comment. Walter Carey, who watches the show religiously, tells us that she supposedly died in a helicopter crash when she was accompanying a wounded patient to a hospital.

The show is empty now. Can't understand why this would happen, CBS. Should have done something about this and put a stop to her leaving. Still watch the show but it is so sad and difficult to know that she won't be back. I hope that if they have Danny to meet someone new she will be as pretty as Linda. But I think that is going to be impossible.

Linda was a perfect wife for Danny, kept him stable. That empty dinner chair is as empty as the show without her. Why doesn't anyone at the table speak abut her? The boys are really not grieving their beloved mother. I still love the show but I am waiting for some more realism about her death. Will Danny meet another woman or even date?

I never enjoyed Amy Carlson on the show. I will not explain further because there is no point to doing that.
what i like was the introduction of Miss Baker as a main character. She would do well at the family table each week

Paul Kessler

My husband and I really do miss her on the show. She was the missing link to Joe and Mary. Hopefully, her body was misidentified in the purported helicopter crash. There is no noticeable grieving spouse,children or any family Reagan members. Family dinners are blah since her departure.

Yes, miss Linda on Blue Bloods. Such a great show and she was part of the team making it great- way too abrupt a departure-
Carole R.

This is a show about family. Very hard to watch now - I am reminded that they are just actors and this is just business. It was my one hour of fantasy a week. Heavy sigh. Poorly handled.

Did she leave due to personal issues with Selleck? Open marriages, affairs, all go on behind the scenes everyday with the Hollywood crowd. It was all too abrupt. How she felt about Mr. S was very apparent on film. Body language never lies. But we shall never know...... until a tell all book gets published.

Linda should be restored to Bluebloods. As a producer I suggest the following: have her thrown from the helicopter and rescued with amnesia. Discover that the body thought to be Linda's was not Linda at all. This is an easy fix. She was the important link in Danny's humanity and in the family past and present. She was the common man in the group. She is needed for the balance in the show.

I don’t care how you do it bring Linda back.i do not want to see Danny with his partner.

It's a TV show people. Get a life. BLUE BLOODS will go on, as happens in real life. Carlson decided to leave for reasons unsaid.

I doubt if we viewers will ever know the true reason she is off the show.

They should bring her back. Why is no one sad? I am. Bring her back.

It looks as if there is no loyalty from the makers of this show.first they get rid of "Danny's" partner now his wife. Jennifer Espidito is coeliac and should have had more support

it's all about money especially when they say it isn't. they didn't want to pay and she's not a Reagan technically

My sister-in-law and I are die hard Blue Bloods fans. It has lost it's lustre. Please bring Linda back. Mistaken for indenty, she's really alive. Will patch up that huge hole that is ever gaping larger!!


Bring Linda Back! nuff said...

So now that Linda is gone, none at the table have a live husband or wife. What a poor choice for the show writers to make. Butt to brring her back could result in a terrific series of episodes. I'll start watching again then. Gerry MGerry M

Did you see the final episode of season 8 ? New Female at the dinner table ! I like it !

What season and episode is it when Linda died ?

According to Walter Carey, who monitors the show, Linda died last summer between the spring 2017 and fall 2017 seasons. It was in a helicopter crash while she was on duty transporting an injured person to the hospital. Danny is still broken up about it, but gains some small measure of reassurance when he is reminded that she died just the way he would prefer to go -- while on duty. -- Chas McGill, TV News Editor.

I agree. I truely miss Her,Linda, on the show. Blue Bloods is blah now. Linda kept Danny in line. loved her. Please bring her back to keep the show going, don't believe a new partner for Danny would close the hole.

Her decision. Period. I miss her presence too.

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I left it
on when I
left the house
for the pleasure
of coming back
ten hours later
to the greatness
of Teddy Wilson
"After You've Gone"
on the piano
in the corner
of the bedroom
as I enter
in the dark

from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman


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