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July 11, 2019


wow, was not aware of him and his poetry so thank you for introducing him in this engaging post...

Congrats to Indran! Fully deserved appreciation here of his poetry.
Keith C

I respect a man of poetic parts who always wears a hat. How did you come to hear of him, or did you meet him on one of your jaunts to India? -- DL

You are most welcome, mon ami.

We first met in 2013, when he was briefly posted in DC. Bob Hershon of Hanging Loose Press, which has published books by both of us, suggested to Indran that he look me up. Or maybe I met him on one of my jaunts to India.

Thanks I'm already a fan. Thanks Terence

a fine tribute. there should be more hats. and more jaunts. and more great posts like this one.

I owe my poet's hat to Mervyn Taylor. I was flying in 2015 to New York from Port Au Prince to give a reading at the Asian American Poetry Workshop and to see friends in the city where I became a poet...and I had forgotten my hat in Haiti. I wrote to Mervyn on FB and as i showed up at the venue from the airport he was there carrying a black bowler hat. That hat, and some successors, along with the occasional gaucho cap, have never left my head on the stage ever since.

I too am a fan of your poetry Grace...and your work on behalf of all poets, the amazing interviews and now your new job as Maryland Poet Laureate. Take Care Indran

A most engaging post indeed. I would never have thought that from the brief meeting we had over a coffee in Silver Spring--dare I say it--would spring a boundless source of fresh water and poetry.

Thank you Keith. Amities. Indran

Thank you, Mr. Gutstein.

You read beautifully, Indran. And , the last two line carries such punch: it's disarming. Beautiful.


Wonderful post about a wonderful poet!

Indran - well deserved! Another lovely poem by you.. hope to see you ride higher and higher. So glad that Matwaala hosted you and we heard you read many times beautifully... usha

Everywhere you go you make friends as easily as coconuts grow in the tropics!

Usha, thankyou. Matwaala was a pleasure. Look forward to reading your new book The Waiting. Cheers Indran

Yes, Terence sketches this poet well. Thrilled to share the language with you Matilda Young. Am looking forward to reading more of your poems. Indran

Thank you Nazreen Sansoni. Hearing from you in Sri Lanka means more than a lot to me, to know that the connection is strong between this poet and the island from where we sprung. Cheers to you and your own poems. Indran

Well observed Barbara. Let us have some coconut water along with iced coffee very soon in this glorious Washington summer. And with poems, of course, yours and a couple of mine. Indran

Way to go, Indran! You are a kindred spirit. Love your poems, and have been reading some of your work (including Fire Department !) to the students/participants in my workshops. So glad to have read with you and other accomplished South Asian poets at the Matwaala poetry festival in NYC. (Thanks, Matwaala!) Hope to meet again and continue our meaningful conversations. I wish you tremendous success, and may you continue to break all the glass ceilings and walls and borders and doors and gates that keep poets of the diaspora from achieving recognition. You blaze a way for us all!

With deep admiration,

I don't know how to capture the essence of a person in just one blog post but you've done it! Indran and his verses in every description.

Thank you, Jennifer. That's a lovely compliment.

How did I go so long without encountering the verse of Indran Amirthanayagam? I suppose we could all say that about a number of poets previously unknown to us who first seized our imagination. I’m delighted to be finally acquainted with Indran’s poetry through Terence’s right place, right time BAP blog post here. I was captivated by both “Fire Department” and “Gift at the End,” the latter including a nimble reference to Wilfred Owen, his poem “Dulce et Decorum Est,” and even perhaps Horace’s original phrase in Latin, “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori,” from Odes (III.2.13). Cheers to Indran for his words, and to Terence for his words about Indran’s.

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