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October 06, 2019


I have always been a huge fan of Humphrey Bogart and always will be, but I have to go with Edward G. Robinson. We was such a sensational actor he could play anything. But his noir was great whether the villain or the good guy. He had the face and demeanor to make him perfect for film noir. When my babies were babies and began to fuss and cry they would scrunch up their face and I would say to them, "No, don't give that Edward G. Robinson face."

John Garfield, whose very existence was noir. In his first film for which he was Oscar nominated, his character spoke of being hounded by "the fates, the furies" and his brand of tough guy desperation is stamped on everything he every did from the on the run kid in "Dust Be My Destiny" to half-smart fall guy Frank Chambers in "Postman Always Rings Twice" with Lana Turner, to his later, greater roles in "Body & Soul", "Force of Evil" (in collaboration with Abe Polonsky on both of these) to the 2nd, more faithful adaptation of Hemingway's 30s novel, "The Breaking Point" in which he states "All I got left to peddle is guts!". Barely a year after his last, aptly named "He Ran All The Way" he died of a heart attack after being blacklisted and hounded by HUAC. Nobody was tougher (or more tender) than Julie Garfield!

fave noir actor is mitchum especially in Out Of The Past, though also love alan ladd in a few, and bogie always, but jane greer in Out O The Past is hands down the baddest bad girl in noir ever...still, thanks for good arguments for your picks, especially suzanne's argument for duryea, I never got him and now I do...

Ha! And they grew up cultured, at least in the realm of movies from the 40s and 50s. I also love Edward G. Robinson -- why not? Who couldn't? I once had an older student who'd spent some time in jail, he always called him Eddie G. -Gave me the impression that might've been a jailhouse thing, and the older inmates all knew Eddie G.

Thanks, Michael Lally! And good to hear from you, a real movie actor weighing in. I'm glad my defense of, or as I called it on my FB page "black lace valentine" to Dan Duryea landed on you. Such a baddie in the movies and so admirable in life. So often, unfortunately, it's the other way around. You read biographies of people you admire and just go, 'oh sh.....!" And you're so disappointed.

Hello Mike Korczak, thanks for your note. I tried to reply, and in fact I did, but it went up there into the principal comments. I put it in the box underneath but failed to hit "reply, so now my comment doesn't follow yours. But, I like the way you raised your babies." That, and keep reciting some lines of poetry to them now and then and they'll grow up... interesting.

This was meant to be a reply to Mike Korczak, below.

Michael, interesting you should mention John Garfield; have you seen Carol Colin's (giant) painting of me -- I mean an image of it on FB -- sitting on Figueroa, Northeast L.A., in the pink neon of the check cashing joint sign, night? And across the street a shadowy figure at the crosswalk? Carol based that shadowy figure on John Garfield. Pretty hard to tell it's John Garfield, but she says it is and I believe her. I'm so glad you introduced this fine actor, a guy who really got a "Raw Deal" (not a move he was in but too bad. He'd-a been so much better than one-note Dennis O'Keefe). (But who's "Julie"? At the end you mention a Julie Garfield, was that a relation or a typo?)

"Julie" may be a nickname for Julius Garfinkel, which was John Garfield's birth name. -- DL

I love Ida Lupino. Partly because everyone of my grandma’s sisters was an Ida. Ida Lena. Ida Bessie. Etc. But also she was a bad ass feminist in a man’s world and remained soft and vulnerable as an artist. Love this, Suzanne. Thank

Thank you, Peggy. Ida Lupino is a favorite of mine. -- DL

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