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January 03, 2021


Geoff Young is a man in full: spirited poet, aficionado of music, prolific drawer, publisher, gallerist, and sportsman.

And he has a great sense of direction.

The amazing reality of the poems of Geoff Young is they always make music and fun and sense, even when they don't. He is one of my favorite poets, and I've never read a poem of his I didn't like. His recent books of sonnets are marvels, for instance. I'm grateful for any recognition his poetry gets, so thanks Terence.

Geoff Young is a great poet and the hippest person I know.

I love his mind.

What a wonderful poet Geoffrey Young is:
To take such an enormous complexity in this poem and distill it to colloquialism is nothing less than profound. I needed reminding about him and now I'm going out to find more.

"a bullet shot from a bow": like each time Geoff picks up his pen or keyboard

Thanks, Michael.  Couldn't agree more.

Thanks, Grace. Geoff is worth a full investigation.

reading that poem just makes me feel good. I have been told that the purpose of art is to affect the reader/observer/listener, to allow that person to "see" in a fresh way. Here here, Geoffrey and thank you Terence.

A distinct treat to have Geoffrey Young carry us through our pasts filled with music, feeling like Dylan’s sidekick......Morgan Bulkeley

He is all you people above claim and he is also just so damned much fun. I could never trust anyone who did not love Goeffrey Young and his poetry.

Poppa Gee!

Here's a guy who has spent decades advocating for other artists, when all along he's been making art himself: writing poems, drawing pictures. It's wonderful to see him recognized for his own work as the artist he is. All Hail Geof Young!

Doug---Glad you liked it.

Well, I agree with all the above. I can also attest that he cooks up a delightful cinnamon-flavored applesauce.
Like with his poetry and drawings, the man adds flavor and spice to all his endeavors.

Geoffrey Young tips us into bliss. He is rock solid, jazz piano and sax, brilliant.

A fine poem that makes me feel young again, bringin it all back home. Thank you Geoff. Thank you Terence.

So much fun and pleasure! Jesus, could we be siblings, too? Geoff makes delight inevitable.

Thank you, Terence, for the pick, thank you Geoff for the poem, and for a lot of other poems, too, the ones where your heart comes out smiling, pleading, laughing, and sometimes with a tear or two. Happy New Year to us all.

Geoffrey Young's ability to turn biographical/historical information into lyricism in this Dylan poem (and various others) is marvelous. It may have something to do with his deft enjambments and the variation of line-lengths in his quatrains, but felicity of phrasing is probably the major factor.

You're welcome. Glad you liked it, Matt.

young geoff he wrights so goode. but dylan, i tink he woodshed a bit to get goode @pickin' guitar, an geoff, he woodshed up on Castle Hill in winter mode, he in various sweaters, an' longjohns...

and boots, all cause he too cheap to pay for heating costs, and so, to generate heat, he have brilliant thoughts...inspired poetics -- Hot Ideas--ice melting insights...endothermic entrails and all without any processed sugar.

so hot that when i open my mail and see poem book from friend geoff, i get a furnace blast of iambic pentameter, and opening to the signed title page, a warm small flame starts, one that grows with each poem, like the Tumo practice of the Tibetan Monks who can, in the snow, dry small sheets draped on their backs with the heat they generate with this yoga.

Corso said "everyone should stay in bed all day and eat big round pies and think..."

i think i'll stay in bed today and read all of the 43 books i have of geoff's poems. i will however eschew the big round pies. but i will be warm, and inspired..

thanks for helping me get through life...

I love the Great Hall this poem leads us through, "the complete history...Just taped to his lungs", and Kierkegaard--fantastic! I like how the poem's trail leads to more and more compression and intensity through the closing stanzas to the really pleasing end. We all in our days track influence, trace its branches--it's nice to see it done so powerfully here, in the form of this great song in itself.

Beautiful, Geoff -- the poet, artist, gallerist, publisher, supporter of all who create. Our lives would be better with more people like Geoffrey Young!

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