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February 07, 2021


I am happy to read this poem by Maureen, as I have been a fan of her work for many years. I love its exuberant self-empowering series of declarations.

Beautiful poem. I love it.

havealways loved this poem. Maureen Owen is a national treasure

i could have used this whole poem for support
when walking the crack-ridden streets in the 80s
wondering which window of my car would be broken
when i got to it. and the car radio gone. eh, but
that was long ago and this poem endures, impeccably.

Maureen, to put it mildly, kicks ass. I love this poem and sing her praises to everyone who will listen.

That is great! I am always made happy by the poems of Maureen Owen.

The confident assertion of power in this poem is part of what makes it great. Many thanks to Maureen Owen, and to Terence Winch.

Thank you, Maureen and Terence, for writing this and for posting. I share this dreamy impulse.


Thanks, Beth. It is a wonderful poem.

Thanks, Diane. It occurred to me as I was putting the post together
that the timing couldn't be better, what with the recent heavy snow in NYC.

Yes, Maureen Owen is very powerful and magical: a real feat to combine

Go, MO!

Power canine!
I've never seen a snow coyote.
In my Cali hood coyote sightings are like celebrities. (Unless you have cats.)

thanks for primo poem !!!

maureen owen has been a favorite poet of mine since the first poem I read of hers back in the '60s...this poem is one of many reasons why...

A Wonderful poem. Thank you.

wow. The poem is a marvel of power made real and specific and the Pollack painting enhances the experience.

The power of the crazy.

Totally brilliant poem by one of America's masters! Loved it upon first reading and love it still! Wonderful to see it paired with the Pollock!

I love the hermetic self-possession coursing through Maureen Owen's poem. It's the uncalming calmness of a female wolf, not the tired trope of a prowling male wolf, conjured into kinetic realness as she lopes, if not struts, amid threats gelded by her self-containment. "Survival Song" is a poem of poised counter-dominance, with an unsubliminal message percolating at its core: fuck with me at your peril. Brava, Maureen. A tip too to Terence for bringing her exceptional poem to our attention. And, yes, Jackson Pollock's painting complements Maureen's nimbly limned motion and movement in her verse.

Thanks for the comment, Earle. We've missed your perspective.

Brilliant juxtaposition of poem and painting. Thank you, Terence, and brava, Maureen.

Wonderful to see a new poem by Maureen. I miss her here on the East Coast.

Thank you, David. The poem and painting do go well together.

Thanks, Mark. (The poem is an old one but still shines brightly.)

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