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June 20, 2021


Thank you Ping. This subject roars through all of us. I wrote "The Migrant's Reply" in The Migrant States on this subject. I tip my hat to you for reminding us of our charge, our responsibility, our shame, our chance for redemption. In love and poetry. Indran

Ping rips the lid off of the boxes of denial
Everything flies out looking like words
Cannot be put back

Thank you Ping

Excellent and emotive commentary from a child's perspective. We need to let the emotions of this border crisis flow from poetic pens so people are able to relate emotionally to the victims. Poems such as this enable us to see new perspectives. Shedding light on the "child actor" conspiracies through an impactful verse may change some minds. We can only hope!

This heart wrenching poem should be posted on the editorial page of every newspaper a cry for help that needs a response.

Great post: both poem and photos. Kudos all around.

Incredible poem! As always, Ping's poetry contains struggle, heartache, and a brilliance that shines through it all.

This speaks very clearly to my sense of fatherhood. The essence of fatherhood is to protect our children, and this is the fundamental sense of decency that our border policy offends. Eloquent. Thank you for bringing us Ping's words.

Wang Ping has said it all on this Father's Day.

Ah, to be a child again and sail away into the furthest clouds.
Thank you, Ping!

thank you everyone, for your support! you truly give me hope for America! You make America truly beautiful!
Thank you, Best American Poetry!

Invincible this poem. Hear hear

DL: Glad you liked it.

Ben: thanks for the comment.

Thank you for posting this. Wang Ping is one of America's -- no, the world's -- most accomplished poets and writers. More of Wang Ping, please!

yay wang ping for your brilliant poetry and activism and example

Thanks for posting this. Ping is an amazingly brilliant poet.

Your work always moves me. Thanks.

Thank you once again, Wang Ping, for poetry as lean, raw, and muscular as a child's beating heart.

This is very beautiful. Prayer like art and poetry is foundation of growth and change for the better. Happy to have you lead us.

Wang Ping

thank you for writing this poem, and pleased to see it here!

"Dear God, here’s my mama’s number. Here’s my papa’s number. Here’s my aunt’s number. I have it memorized. Please call so we can get out of this dog kennel."

Intense, left me almost shaking. Whew!! Thank you.
(great picture of you btw)

That writing is powerful!

I am so grateful you followed the unknown to your truth.

So many others would have taken prestige and settled to be a professor’s wife.
Clearly some people are educated beyond their intelligence: Many are the educational elitism.

Our experiences and free spirit allow us to follow a deeper call for expression in whatever direction we choose.

Thanks for this poem. Thanks for thinking of us fathers on our day.

This deeply moving poem starts with "Dear God" and ends with "Dearest God." What a lovely expression of unflinching faith! No wonder Jesus said we need to be like little children.

Unspoken whispers of the heart. crying out to the hypocrisy in the world... we live in biblical times. Wang Ping's voice is an arrow straight to the truth covered by the layers of rhetorical lies.

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