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October 03, 2021


Hello bill!! Great to hear your voice again. We met at one of the poetry foundation extravaganzas in nyc many years ago. Later we had a 4-hour lunch in nyc and you also gave a terrific reading in Baltimore hosted by my publishing company. Long time no see, as the lamentably racist saying goes. Thanks bill! Thanks terry!—cl

this poem is as charmingly delightful and vibrant as the author of it is...bravo bill!

Thanks back to you, Clarinda.

Hi Bill! I love your work and especially this poem. We met a few years ago after a book party at Poet's House when we all went to some Italian restaurant in the West Village. You told me some very funny jokes. Did I mention that I love this poem?

I would like to congratulate the editor of this space for his keen eye on the D'Angelo's of our dreams, the poet Bill Zavatsky who found her on the 104 bus, to New York where poets have their poems given to them on buses, on the metro...a wonderful place and this a wonderful poem. One day Bill I would like to share my long lost poem "For The Love of Buses". That one also took place near the 104...a grand bus line. Happy to know it is spinning out movie stars as it must. New York, New York. Cheers Indran

I love this, Bill. And I do so love poetry that just nails New York, and yours does. Perhaps one time before too long we will be on the same coast. Deborah

I love this poem and love to love NYC. Thanks to Bill and Terence.

Beth: thanks for the comment.

Wow!!!! Bill—-Mosel Tov! I too love this poem since the time you read it to us at The Morningside Poetry Workshop. I’m so grateful to have attended since the first class in May 2013. You are an inspiration and mentor. Thank you for the picture of Beverly D’Angelo—now I too recognize her and will keep my eyes peeled next time I’m on the M104.
Joanne Gates Fioregmail

A speaker with eyes wide open that stay open and focus on a steady line a shaped flood of things, wry and urgent--how does he view all this and keep putting it on the page what a memory! I remember Bill's name I think in connection with a Bill Knott book or another remarkable one and what joy to read something of his for the first time.

the noticer, the poet, who knows what to see and then says it

This poem has all the freshness and vividness of having been written while the author was still on the bus. If he wasn't, it's all the more amazing.

Terrific poem, Bill.

Wonderful poem. I felt like I was on the bus with him. 💕

O-o-o La La! Great documentation of a New York experience, Bill! Oh how you wrapped it up! Congratulations on your recognition...The Pick of the Week!

Great poem full of love for humanity.

Another wonderful poem from this amazing poet, editor, teacher, jazz pianist and storyteller

What a wonderful poem! I am sorry to admit I haven't read any of Bill's poems for a long time, though I have 3 "slim volumes" on my shelves, one of which Bill signed when we met in New York in 2006, and I see now it's the one from which this wonderful poem comes. I've neglected these books for way too long! I've just hauled them down and will be dipping in . . .

Thanks, everybody, for your kind responses to this poem. Thank you again, Terry, for picking it, and to you, David, for making it all happen. Cheers, Bill Z.

Great poem!

Hey Bill! Fabulous NY lyric. Love the way your line travels and gives one the motion of being on the bus with you.


Thanks, Bill.

Love this poem.

Eamonn Wall

How is it possible that I've not encountered this POET before??? I fervently hope he's willing to contribute something to my magazine, Glimpse. There's a Web site, Bill:

Wonderful to see you and Beverly here, Bill, "with the cameras rolling like the eyes in my head"! Thank you, Terence.

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I left it
on when I
left the house
for the pleasure
of coming back
ten hours later
to the greatness
of Teddy Wilson
"After You've Gone"
on the piano
in the corner
of the bedroom
as I enter
in the dark

from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman


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