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January 23, 2022


This is a perfect example of a poem that takes the form it needs to be ... to be the most it can be... (in this case)
A lot of originality - and love for all species.

My GAWD, MATE! Dan, your unimaginably convoluted and beautiful ramble poem here has triggered in me a flash back to the day in 1969 when me and my Iona college senior-undergrad mates dropped LSD after climbing over the fence into the Hudson Valley Rockefeller Estate (we were doing socio-geographical-psychedelic research inspired by a devolving Roman Catholic theological education, repressed sex drives, proletarian rage, Owsley, and a then- recent chance encounter with Tim Leary in a Lower East Side tavern) and spent the night straight through to dawn. As dawn broke, a wee red fox appeared and hopped about in the tall grass where I was blithely wandering. And she spoke to me! Kindly!

Thanks, mate, (and thanks Terence), for the memories, yours and mine. Hope you're healing a bit, as am I.

Great poem to brighten the miserable murk!

Thanks, Bill. You need to work that comment into a poem.

Wowee! Mystical and hilarious and poignant.

We're introduced to a new form here, one that invites us to try it ourselves, and who can or couldn't like how the poem works as a series of doors that open into new rooms that treat us to even richer parts of life that we didn't know existed. Glad that Terence has shown us this poem, and glad that Dan Gutstein made it!

Don---thanks for the comment.

I like what you do with the prose poem as a form, Dan. And like you I have a crush on Miss Kincaid (Jill Hennessy), my second favorite Law and Order regular after Lennie Briscoe (Jerry Ohrbach), who by the way was an exceptional song-and-dance man.

Love this, and love the comments. Congratulations, Dan,

loverly poem, witty and surprisingly poignant

Thanks, Grace! I'm just grateful that these other species tolerate me. Very nervous of course around that rascally beaver!

Thanks for the prose poem reply, Bill. I agree with Mr. Winch that it ought to be its own piecee!

Chris -- many thanks. See you soon I hope!

Hi Denise: my first "Wowee" and I am much obliged. Cheers.

Hi again David -- I really appreciate your comment. Briscoe is of course the emotional center of the show and I did happen to know about his Broadway career. Still, I am partial to Claire.

Thanks, Phyllis -- you and I have some foxie scheming in the works! Much obliged for the comment.

I love foxes and this poem! Yi yi yi yi. That’s a fox cry, not a rebel yell

You knocked it out of the park yet again, my friend!

mr. lally -- thank you for the kind words, good sir.

Clarinda: I appreciate your generous words & channelings of fox language. From what I can tell, the foxes seem to understand boy Yi yi yi yi and "You're a good looking fox, mate."

Hi Ted -- thanks for taking a look and for your kind words, sir.

Jeez, Dan, that’s quite a scar! I love the animals—and the vegetable-in your poem. As someone else said, it’s a great ramble. I am very glad to know your writing continues on—and to so much acclaim! I loved the ones we got to publish in the old days. All the best from Sophia Stone.

Hi Sophia, NOR continues to be one of my biggest supporters of all time, and I'm always grateful for the interest you took in my writing! Great to hear from you and thanks for your kind words.

You’re very welcome, Dan!

The fox excites much interest in the community. The tomato plant survives, and we wonder what it will produce this year in response to Dan's careful attentions.

Great stuff—nice visuals!

Hi Mom -- thanks.

Hi Susan -- thanks for the kind word!

Ah, another typo. Sorry. "Words" plural.

Amazing wonderful poem. Love it.

Hello Dan - I know your friends - the fox and the heron - but I couldn't describe them as joyfully as you. Really enjoyed your prose/poetry. So unaffected and "reader friendly." Enjoyed the accompanying photos as well.

Thank you Eileen and Suzie for your kind words!

Modern man in communion with what's left of the natural world. You always delight!

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