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February 06, 2022


Stunningly deep diving poetry. I know I will be re reading this poem myself and reading it out to friends for many moons to come. And making plans to visit the Phillips Collection when next in DC this coming May, a copy of Healy's poetry in hand.
Thanks, Michael and Terence!

". . . every word is a
living entity with a soul of its own."

Thank you, Michael Whelan, for all the souls you put into this poem.

Like the Phillips, a poem to revisit again and again in the gift of silence.

Bill---thanks for the comment.

wonderful poem, literally

Very lovely. Thanks Michael and Terence !

Wonderful poem.

". . .its mysteries, multifarious in minutiae." Fascinating poem juxtaposed with the pertfect Rothko. Thank you, Michael -- and Terence.

Jack---thanks for stopping by.

David: thanks for the comment.

I love poems that make me hungry. In this case, not only for another visit to the Philips but also for some of my very own Irish soda bread. Yes!

BTW the only time I semi-seriously thought about stealing a painting was in the Philipps, in the 1960s, when I realized a marvelous little Odilon Redon would fit into my big pocketbook. Rothkos can't elicit such fleeting dreams of grand theft. But I often share the notion so well embodied in this poem of somehow getting inside a painting and living there.

Thanks, all of you.

I kind of see that all we are art, history, language, daily living is both polluting and nourishing and that in our search for meaning we are purified and tainted by schema: somehow Klee is showing the schema as boundary of our rising light within.

This is lovely, echoing Yeats on old friendships and soul-sharing. I remember Dermot from a long ago Festival week in Donegal organized by a fine Irish poet, Noelle Vial, who ended her life in her 40s, far too soon. Thanks for the poem, Terence.

Robert: Thanks for that comment.

A lovely, intimate view of legend Healy through his brilliant friend's eyes. My favorite: "that longs and morphs and heaves in its letters."

Another stunning journey inside in this case into a writer I did not know except through the author who is brilliant, a poet extraordinaire and I am proud to say,. my big brother!

Only you Michael could put Rothko; an Arabic library; together with spuds and soda bread slathered in butter in a poem. But then IT IS Dermot Healy you’re writing about. This is a wonderful tribute to an artist who checked out too soon. I wish you’d been able to visit the Dermot Healy Exhibition we staged as part of the Cootehill Arts Festival in August 2018, together with the World Premier of Pat McCabe’s madcap ‘Bring me the Head of Dermot Healy’, performed by local drama group Aisteoiri Muinchille. And the launch by Peter Fallon of Gallery Press of ‘Collected Poems’ of Dermot Healy., I know you would have enjoyed them very much. Take care and hopefully we’ll see you back in Ireland in the not too distant future. V b r Connie

Beautiful Michael!
If Rothko could have read this, he would have been speechless..
Your proud neighbor Ina de Quate

"as his only faith: that every word is a living entity with a soul of its own"
Indeed, in 76 years I have never herd the word "slather" but I knew exactly what it means.

So Love the microscope on life and art in this!!

Thank you, Connie, for recounting all those Cavan celebrations of Healy's work. Your Cootehill arts community has provided a such creative venue.


Congratulations on another magical song, Michael. I feel a stream of colors and brisk aromas. You manage to bring so many thoughts and feelings with each and every word -- with each and every work. So special. Thank you.

"meander in obscure conversation" ...
Such successful words. Well done, Michael!

Good one, Michael!

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