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March 20, 2022


This poem is a stunner. If we must suffer and questionably heal, let us all be comforted by darlings who spike our pulses!

Cannot wait for this master neo surrealist’s hopefully next book. How he manages so powerfully to fuse life and death direness, hallucination, the gritty holiness of quotidian things and the saving grace of humor into this heartbreaking, late-reveal love poem only the muses know!

Ditto -- what Amy said above.
Thank you for the calm space of acceptance sketched so beautifully in "Archaic Torso of Me Too."

You always delight me with your selections Terence. This one is a miracle. Thank you.

Thanks, Stacey.

What a Sunday treat. Any hallucination with the Army-Navy Game has me.

Splendid from the title on. And what a beautiful painting you've chosen for it, Terence.

Can I think of this fascinating poem as a torso sandwich? Between two slices of clear English sentences comes a welter of hallucinations and impressions in jumbled phrases. If so, this sandwich comes with its own dessert, such a happy way to finish.

Good choice, Terence. I realized as I read I need 'welting' a 'connection between a breathing machine and an army-navy game,' and a 'huff of alcohol' in a poem. Thanks to Dean (& you) for the pick-me-up! Now, where is that nurse & what is she carrying in her arms?

I’m almost physically stunned by this poem. It takes me over the top of my previous admiration of dean young’s work.

As in flickering light, until the glow of the last three lines.

There's always a goddamn guy in the next room screaming. Great poem.

Robert: thanks for your response.

Wonderful poem. A mixture of reality and hallucinations clearly pictured. The accompanying art is beautiful.

A remarkably acrobatic poem that opens our eyes wider with each turn into a new line. I've admired Dean Young's work for years, his capacity to laugh and ache both, often, as in this time, at the same time. Thanks for showing us this one, Terence!

Good poem!
I'm left wondering about the story of the guy who wanted a lil' sugar. Hope he's okay, too.

Thank you. The title alone has had me giggling for a couple of days.
At first I thought, "Man, if I see one more goddamned poem about St Elizabeth of Hungary . . . " but you made it work.

nevin's nailed my response, as did all of the above

Don: Thanks---glad you liked it.

Wow. What a tough piece of work. Thanks! Phyllis

Wow & wow to all the comments too. Thank you, Mr. Winch, for every week making my heart race.

Thanks for the comment, Elinor. I'm glad you're out there.

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