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September 04, 2022


I won’t shake this one loose in a hurry.

Thanks, Terence, for yet another fantastic choice.

LOvely, moving... Thank you, Richard and Terence... !

I sincerely hope so!

Elinor: Glad you liked it.

Jack: Thanks for the comment.

What elinor said. Yes. I would hope that Humanity will ripple as in the last lines someday.

An urgent poem fortified by expertly measured lines maintaining a language common to us. There's an impressive directness and also willingness to let the poem extend into the metaphorical realm, and I really like how Vargas resists the most predictable response to the tragedy he addresses.

The poem and art lift my spirits, which have lately been low; phrases "like honey coated flypaper," "kissed by a seraph’s lips," raise me above the "nmature of ouir sin." Bravo.

The phrase “man’s inhumanity to man” came to mind. I searched to find it is from a Robert Burn’s poem. It would remiss to mention (wo)man’s inhumanity to (wo)man. Or maybe human’s inhumanity to humans…. This poem made me sigh.

"especially now as they
show us how to fly"
Beautiful sadness here in this poem, Richard. The reality of New Mexico beyond the lovely enchantment.
Thanks for choosing and posting, Terence.

Lovely poem.

Bill: thanks back to you.

He nailed it.

Deftly making something real, beautiful and effective out of something most of us don't want to linger on. Genius.

The 13 skeletal remains become 13 angels who warm our lives and our hearts, Then they marvelously sprout wings and lead us aloft to see how far-reaching is the sin we commit. This awareness can rescue us from the evil in which we were immersed, a truth aptly expressed in this moving poem.

I want to thank everyone for the feedback and comments. Most of all, for taking the time to read and ponder. I feel it is necessary to clarify the fact that while initial reports counted the remains of thirteen women, it was later revised to eleven. The cases have never been solved. This poem will be included in my next book, to be published in 2023.

I love this. All the visual imagery and the total upliftment into Divine Consciousness. It is probably one of the favorite poems I have read in ages and ages. Thank you Terence and thank you Richard.

Linda: Thanks for the comment.

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