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October 18, 2022


Megan Daum Yes!

Just read the interview. Seems like he's a misogynist. He's fixated on women being in positions of power. And also somewhat funny to see: He laments identity politics but seems unable to express himself without reverting to prejudicial tropes of gender, race and ethnicity.

To me this is a lower stakes version of the same frothy "I'm being cancelled!" wave that stand-up comedy and politicians have surfed to great success. What could be more alluring than the suppressed truth "they" don't want you to see?

And what is "masculine fiction" anyway? If it means traditional conservative gender roles than its the dominant form of most genre fiction bestsellers and a big hunk of tv and film. Maybe readers of literary fiction want a deeper understanding and a more challenging view of the individual.

"It's all a construction", Megan, "all a construction". Reality isn't real, it's provisional--- fluid, like jinn-dar... magic, non-objective... like identity, like Mike Fink, King of the River Pirates: half water fowl, half beaver, half bear, half alligator, all narcissistic Professional Class appropriator. Good on you. Keep writing.--- SO original!!!!

I live a few blocks from a state university with an enrollment of over 30,000 students and the average attendance of a poetry reading is about a dozen people -- a few more if an "open mic" is featured. In short, there really is no poetry "community," there are only a few scattered poets who know of each other. I've been writing poetry for over six decades and my fan base is about six people, but then as my old friend Mike Mullin said, "Famous, hell I find it difficult enough being anonymous."

"When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him." Jonathan Swift

Bertrand Russell says somewhere that if two people are arguing and one of them is obviously wrong, that doesn't necessarily mean that the other one is right.

Michael, thaks for the great quote. Perhaps the best thing about arguments at such a high pitch as that they attract the attention of those peace-loving citizens who would rather ignore the whole thing, deleterious as it may be.

Though I do not approve of all the gentleman's choice of words, the points he makes are valid. The academic empire is a nudist colony.

Alex perez spitting ! A lot of yall white folk with rich parents who bruise each others tonsils about how bipoc this and lgbtqiaiabg+ and orange man bad that need to shut the fuck up ! This why nobody wants to read your damn books ! Ever wonder why every book that sells 10 copies ends up on the "New York Times best seller list"?

This time its a le heckin valid latinx bipoc+ calling yall out so you can't resort to the typical claim of "alt right christofacist nazi blah blah" so now we get to hear the grandstanding from the gay ass white people in the comments here about how he "might be mysogynistic" or some bullshit and how the bitchmade hobart editors are talking out their ass about how this is "harmful" or whatever.

Truly, my greatest regret about being on the internet is that I get to hear retarded ass opinions from people like you idiots. And worse, since the people who control the government and industry in america share your retardation, people get arrested for disagreeing with you fags.

If you are one of the idiots who think that alex perez speaking ill about the clearly very diverse and inclusive society that is the literary industry and academia, please overdose on fentanyl or transgender hormones.

Just know that if you fuck niggas were not protected by the internet and your gated neighborhoods and government I would drown you in a puddle the first time i hear you tell me about how some interview internet article is "harmful". Or if you call me a bipoc. Next cracker that calls me a bipoc is going on a tshirt !

"Retarded ass opinions"! Aren't they all?

I have been contacted by a "Alex Perez" who says he is from Pen Cultural Solutions.
Is this the same man?

Who knows? He can run for president of Harvard if only he would reveal his sources.

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to the greatness
of Teddy Wilson
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in the corner
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as I enter
in the dark

from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman


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