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January 29, 2023


Gorgeous poem. Thank you.


Lovely and true.

I am in love with this guy for real.

Just enough mystery. Fine poem!

Mysterious enough to let you get it.

I could never stop you even if I heard this a million times.

Gorgeous. "To walk in sincere wonder"!

"I can no longer remember/the being afraid, only that it came to an end." and that is how you land a poem. Also I love the article use of the article in "the being afraid". Thanks, Kaveh. Off to kick the cap off all the toadstools . . .

" I can no longer remember

the being afraid, only that it came to an end."
Among the finest and truest poems I have ever read. Thank you Kaveh and Terence.

Bill: Thanks for the comment.

This poem feels prayer-like, in the best sense. Akbar stays on a line, on the beam, loyal to what his true personal concerns are, and yet the stanzas pop, full of surprises with each sentence, which is not an easy feat. I and I'm sure others want to savor his words and go back over them a good number of times. A great pick Terence of a wonderful poet whose work's new to me--I'm really glad to have found him here.

I have rarely encountered such a depth of mysticism and consciousness of another world expressed in such ordinary language and ordinary images.Power.

I like this work a lot. It is excited -- & it makes me excited too.

Can't wait to read more poems by you, Kaveh.

Don:  Thanks for the comment.

What Dick Lourie said. A huge Yes to the poem, and also, in a much larger sense, to what it prays for. I needed and need this poem.

Wonderful poem.

After experiencing the upending spirit tangles in this work, kicking the caps of all the toadstool seems indeed practically religious to me.

what nonsense

Reread several times -- excellent poem!

I also was following my body the first time man heard a parrot speak. Totally identify. Kaveh Akbar speaks for all humans here.

This enchanting poem begins with a statement of what the poet does not remember. Then follow lines that bespeak effort and struggle followed then by the theme of sincere wonder. To reach this point, one must undertake a doggedly determined sort of pilgrimage leading to an encounter with the divine. Once again,as in the opening stanza, the poet does not remember, but this is a gift of freedom from fear of death.

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