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February 12, 2023


This poem is a conjuring spell for Grief. Beautiful Grief who reminds us we've loved.

Beautiful, tender poem. Wonderful artwork.

I love this poem and I love Mark's chapbook! He is a poet of poignancy and exact imagery.

Oh the heart belongs to this magnificent poem. This perfect thing.
And I live every week for the art curated by T P WINCH.

Grace: thank you for that compliment.

Tears. And I didn't even have an onion. Thank you.

What grace C said! That bite of onion—brings tears to my eyes too. This poem is an act of true grace. Thank you.

another perfect poem and choice terence

Michael: thank you (I knew you would like it).

Once again, Terry, you make me think and feel, laugh and cry ....... all at the same time.

Thanks for this.

I love this poem's sustained focus on the action of the speaker and his mother, and how it's also blessed with the sudden appearance certain sudden striking and mysterious lines like "What I have no one wants," and "I want the present to be as good / as the past she does not remember," not to mention the reference to the guru, who's shrunken! It's a tough memory to capture well and Michael Mark does it for sure. Thanks Terence for showing us!

Another great poem. And i agree the artwork you find is a delight to behold.

Thanks, Don. "What I have no one wants"---my favorite line as well.

Doug: thanks for that comment. 

PJC: Thanks for the comment.

Wow, this poem is so tragicomically relatable. It’s brilliant!

Very cool poem. I love the bracing feeling at the end of being hit by the onion’s astringency and the resulting tears.

Whoa! Wow! This is great in all the ways that everyone has been saying. Thank you, Michael Mark, for the poem & Terence for giving us so much heart week after week.

Thank you, Elinor, for the comment.

This is wonderful!

A beautifully insightful poem of loss, and the joy of what may still be discovered in this late adult relationship of a mother and son. Simple, specific, and powerful images that invite us to linger. Michael Mark’s chapbook is a revelation, and highly recommended. I also echo the praise of everyone commenting on the spot-on painting selected to accompany the poem.

Touching. Thank you.

Such a beautiful, powerful poem. "My shrunken guru" kills me.

What a gorgeous poem.

So beautiful, and a powerful example of how universal the particular can be. Thank you for this!

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of coming back
ten hours later
to the greatness
of Teddy Wilson
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on the piano
in the corner
of the bedroom
as I enter
in the dark

from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman


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