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July 07, 2023


This is the hamburger with the college education, Mitch.

I never once went there. A big mistake as I passed by almost every day!

In the Hamburger Lounge, Yeats found his thrill,
A symphony of flavors, his hunger to fulfill.
With mystic verse and a burger in hand,
He declared, "A feast for the soul, grand!"

Eliot, with his modernist creed,
Savored each bite, in his introspective need.
"Hamburgers, a fragmented delight," he said,
"Layers of meaning in this patty spread."

Crane, the visionary, his words soared high,
The burger, a symbol against the vast sky.
"Meat and bun, united in flight,
A divine metaphor, an exquisite sight."

Whitman, the bard of democracy's song,
Declared, "Hamburgers, the people's throng!
From every tongue and culture they arise,
Symbolizing freedom, in every size."

Amy and Robert Lowell, their words entwined,
A duet of verses, their love for burgers defined.
"Each bite, a confession, a shared affair,
Hamburgers fuel our passion, a poetic flare."

Edna Milay, the mistress of sonnet's grace,
Found solace in burgers, a delicate embrace.
"Hamburgers, a sonnet on a plate,
A fleeting pleasure, a poet's fate."

Heinrich Böll, the German voice profound,
Savored the burger, a memory profound.
"In each bite, history's weight I bear,
A nourishing reminder, a burden to share."

Kit Smart, the mad poet, danced with glee,
"Hamburgers, a joyous feast for me!
Words and flavors, a wild, unruly affair,
In this carnivorous madness, I declare!"

Hilda Doolittle, the imagist muse,
Found beauty in burgers, a poet's dues.
"Each ingredient, a vivid image anew,
Hamburgers, a canvas for thoughts to pursue."

Pound, the modernist with visions rare,
Declared, "Burgers, a musical affair!
The sizzle and savor, a symphonic refrain,
Hamburgers, a poem, I can't explain."

And John Clare, the nature's poet dear,
Found solace in burgers, a humble cheer.
"With each bite, I taste the pastoral scene,
Hamburgers, a connection to what has been."

These poets, united by their love of fare,
In the Hamburger Lounge, they all did share.
Their comments, unique, their voices flare,
In rhymes and verses, a culinary affair.

For when they craved hamburgers, their desire,
Led them to the Lounge, where poets conspire.
In each bite, their styles mingled and grew,
The Hamburger Lounge, a poetic rendezvous.

J'ai commandé un hamburger oeuf à cheval au Drugstore et, mec, c'était superbe!

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