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October 01, 2023


Lovely and fleeting as the deer who leaps off into the bush away from the hand and the eye of the suitor.


Indran Amirthanayagam
Co-Publisher, Beltway Editions

"I walked toward, not the deer, but

what hung in the space between us."
Yes! Precisely. Beautiful poem. Thank you, Ama yCodjoe and Terence.
Bill Nevins
Vozclara Poetry & Music Project

Such beautiful lines and imagery here. There is a vivid immediacy to the poem that makes me feel like I'm there and witnessing the interaction between the poet and the deer. I love the conversational tone of it. This is a truly love poem.

Marvelous poem. Thank you, Ms. Codjoe.
Thank you, too, to Terence Winch for the cave painting. Is it from Altamira?

Bill:  Thanks for the comment.

Emily: thanks for the comment. All I know of the cave painting is what you see in the caption.

Gorgeous poem! Intimacy and fear, intimacy and fear. So true.

Beautiful poem. I loved it from the first word to the last word. Art work had that elusive feeling as well.

"The deer regarded me as a god would,/eased by my astonishment." Brilliant!

Wonderful work!

I found myself holding my breath as I read this beautiful and calming poem. I rarely do that. Bravo.

A gentle spirit writes a gentle poem. How alike the poet is to the deer.

I love how the speaker compares the deer to a cave painting, how it looks at her in a godly way, how it isn’t a vision, and best of all, how she doesn’t remember what she said to the deer! Plenty to enjoy having in this wonderfully clear intriguing poem. Glad we saw it here!

Wonderful poem, Ama! Amazing to capture the charged stillness between two creatures and to bring the reader into this so gracefully with “By now, you know it as love…”

Oh, this made my day. A day previously as unmade as the bed of an insomniac. What a profound and lovely poem. It is much more than just an idyll.

Those "few steps" are everything. Thanks for making more beauty from the beauty of that moment, Ama. 💜

And this book just won the Lenore Marshall Prize from the Academy of American Poets. Can't wait to get my hands on it.

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