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Astrological Profiles

The Tears of Antigone: An Astrological Profile [by David Lehman]

AntigoneAntigone, a classic Aries with Sagittarius rising and a fair amount of Leo and Gemini in her chart, epitomized the feminine powers extolled by Ovid in the Metamorphoses. She was very beautiful, with a profile like that of Greer Garson in Pride of Prejudice,and  a force of personality that overshadowed her  worthy husband, Walter Pidgeon, the perfect number two man, in Mrs. Miniver. He could cross the Channel in his little skiff to keep the evacuation of Dunkirk; she beat that by single-handedly disarming a German soldier.

In Chinese astrology, Antigone was born in the year of the rat, a sign that explains her quality of eagerness and readiness. The rat is the first of the twelve Chinese signs, representing industry, not disgusting vermin. As a matter of honor, a female rat will not procrastinate but will use trickery if need be to achieve her ends. In the competition to cross the river, the rat jumped on the back of ther ox, and got off before the shore, winning the race over the tiger, the snake, etc. What she didn't realize was that death was the finishing line.

Antigone rated very high in intensity of sex appeal, the intensity varying directly with the likelihood of no consummation. Her Capricorn asleep in midheaven January and her Mars victorious in April are usually cited as reasons for this particular enchantress's eternal fate, making her a symbol of rseolve and heroic resistance.

Antigone lived centuries before the AD calendar regularized things. Consequently, the exact date of her birth is the subject of controversy, with some favoring April 9 and others April 12.

Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus, was also his sister. She rebelled against the tyrannical rule of Creon, who didn’t let her bury the dead body of her brother Polyneices.  In a fierce display of hubris Creon ignored the contradiction between his son Haemon’s love for Antigone and his own authority to boss his son around.  Everyone died in the Greek manner, Haemon killing Antigone and then taking his own life.

If it was Creon’s tragedy, it would have been a bore and a box office failure. Just as Shakespeare preferred dealing with Antony and Brutus rather than wasting his genius on Caesar, so Sophocles cast into the starry heavens the vision of Antigone as loyal, faithful, rebellious, loving, self-sacrificing, steadfast. To be a rebel while proving your loyalty is a consummation devoutly be to be wished, and Antigone emerged in the bedrooms of France’s most alluring leading ladies.

Antigone 2 Antigone 4As Sophocles maintained, one look at the world would prompt any baby to return instantly to the womb. Making the best of a bad business, Antigone decided to act even at the expense of her own life and love, thus ensuring that she would always be the young attractive woman she was at the time of her death. Did she want children? No one thought to ask. But her treatment of her brother came to a high  erotic climax without violating the tabu on incest.

Antigone 3According to Indian astrology, merely bearing the name Antigone gives you a leg up on the trail to creativity.

When Antigone’s moon is in Jupiter or Neptune, she is willing to engage in moral dilemmas in the public eye. Of average height, with brilliant eyes, a mesmerizing oval face. Asteroid 129, named after her,  was discovered on February 5, 1873 at Clinton, NY by C. H. F. Peters. It is about 84 miles in diameter.

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