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From the Archive

Five years on: On Reading with Jerome Sala and David Shapiro at the Zinc Bar Last evening [by David Lehman]

Jerome Sala


What a pleasure
to read with
Jerome Sala and
my old Columbia
and Clare colleges’
chum, David Shapiro,
at the Zinc
Bar last evening.

Jerome read first.
His corporate sonnets
reflect years of
labor that Marx
would characterize as
alienated in the
tall tower of
Time and Life
on Sixth Avenue.

With Notebook 2016There is beauty
in a cliche 
just as there
is humor and
then just to
clinch the deal
comes the rhyme.
Well played, Jerome.

The host beckoned.
I read second:
I read poems
in the manner
of Catullus,Herrick,
Goethe, Keats, Mayakovsky,
Millay, Stevens, Dorothy
Parker, Charles Bukowski,
and Kenneth Koch.
I also told
an old joke.

David Shapiro 3 Chris FelverDavid Shapiro read
poems from his
new book including
"Why Rimabud?" and
conversed with the
darkness wondering whether
you could see
the darkness or
whether total darkness
was a poem.
"As Kafka wrote,
there is hope,
but not for
us," he concluded.

The mermaids sang
to him. The
crowd cheered. I
promised I'd write
about the event
using only three
words per line.
Thanks were made.

All were glad.
Drinks were had. 

-- David Lehman

from the archive; first posted May 8, 2017 (je pense)

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I left it
on when I
left the house
for the pleasure
of coming back
ten hours later
to the greatness
of Teddy Wilson
"After You've Gone"
on the piano
in the corner
of the bedroom
as I enter
in the dark

from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman

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