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Hitchcock Quiz

Hitchcock Quiz # 6 - 9 [by David Lehman]

5 Rear Window(6) Which of the following is not an authentic Hitchcock moment?

-- Grace Kelly cozies up with Harper's Bazaar while her beau, nursing a broken leg, takes a nap
-- Raymond Burr signs a contract to play first base for the New York Yankees after the death of Gary Cooper
-- Grace Kelly offers her beau "a leg or a breast" as they prepare for a chicken dinner
-- With one exception, everyone watching a tennis match moves his or her head as the movement of the ball dictates
Doris Day belts out Che Sera,Sera at a posh party peopled by diplomats in London

(7) "The better the villain, the better the film." Acknowledging that "better" is an elastic term, which of the following is the best villain? Discuss at least three.

(a) James Mason in "North by Northwest"
(b) The birds in "The Birds"--- Robert Walker in "Strangers on a Train"
(c) The American Nazis in "Saboteur"
(d) Claude Rains and his mother in "Notorious"
(e) Anthony Perkins and his mother in "Psycho"
(f) Ray Milland in "Dial M for Murder"
(g) Joseph Cotten in "Shadow of a Doubt"

What conclusions can we come to:
(a) bad guys tend to be guys, or guys with mother complexes, or enraged beasts
(b) "the more deranged -- Perkins, Walker -- the better"
(c) the "suave index" (Ray Milland, James Mason) makes the movies less threatening

(8) Which of the following does not qualify as a typical Hitchcock joke? 3 vertigo

-- to cuff his hero and heroine, leave the room and lock the door
-- to pose as the fat man in a weight-reducing ad that is espied if not read on a lifeboat full of the survivors of a shipwreck
-- to employ Otto Preminger to play the commandant of a Nazi prisoner-of-war camp
-- to suggest the act of fornication by showing a speeding train enter a tunnel
-- to kill Kim Novak twice, in both cases at the top of the church tower at Mission San Juan Batista in California

(9) In the auction scene in North by Northwest, Cary Grant violates the hushed-room decorum by making wacky and contradictory bids in order to
4 north by northwest
-- attract attention because he is certified narcissist who thinks he is Cary Grant
-- attract attention and get ejected because the cops were preferable to the killers awaiting his exit
-- fulfill his part of the bargain with Ingrid Bergman, who has done her part by going to Brazil and enduring a near-lethal dose of poison administered slowly so it looks like sickness and not murder
-- warn about an imminent terrorist threat in a way that wouldn't panic the public because only one man present would understand the message
-- arouse the admiration of co-star Eva Maria Saint, who has aired her doubts about his skill as a comic actor

-- DL

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I left it
on when I
left the house
for the pleasure
of coming back
ten hours later
to the greatness
of Teddy Wilson
"After You've Gone"
on the piano
in the corner
of the bedroom
as I enter
in the dark

from New and Selected Poems by David Lehman


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