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Walter Carey

On Dickens's Birthday: "More Mush from the Wimp" [by Walter Carey]

DickensWhen it was Megan's turn to pick a sentence we could ridicule, she took out a recent New Yorker and quoted Louis Menand on Charles Dickens: "In life, there is little evidence that Dickens was, in the context of his time and place, a sexist or a prude." 

Johnny said: How about Homer? St. Augustine? Rabelais? Was he a "sexist or a prude"? How about Emerson? Gogol? Gide? Coleridge? Flannery O'Connor? Alexander Pope? Virginia Woolf? Yeats? John Donne?

Katya: "In death, there is little evidence that Dickens was a sexist or a prude." See the difference?

Isabelle: An imperfect example of the historical fallacy: that we today, in our infinite wisdom, feel free to criticize the benighted citizens of the past.

Megan" Why "imperfect"?

Isabelle: Because of the hedging, as Katya pointed out.

Johnny: My professor at Rutgers said write every sentence as if it could be put on your gravestone.

Megan: My vote for most pernicious phrase goes to "It's not your father's Oldsmobile" ahead of "up close and personal."

-- Walter Carey

Happy birthday, Charlie (born Feb 7, 1812)

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ten hours later
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of Teddy Wilson
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as I enter
in the dark

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